Clawg Island - Surprise Release!

Artix Krieger | Tuesday, September 19, 2017

AHOY! All dressed up and no place to plunder? Har Har. Today being th' official Talk Like a Pirate Day and all, me crew worked through the night making a special map fer ye! We set sails for Clawg Island!

SURPRISE! A Talk Like a Pirate Day Farming Map

Th' island is barely the size o' me cook's bald spot, but rich in loot. Legend says it only shows up once a year-- and every swashbucking scourge of the 13 seas aims their bow there when it appears. If ye look at the island-- it be too straight. Think'n types be saying it might have been sum sorta sunken city. But shiver me timbers... if it were', was it home to whatever that golden skeleton was? ...before it was'nt.

Craftable Booty

Avast! You be finding Raspscallion & Scallawag (I be spelling it "Scallywag", but Cysero be getting his briches all in a bunch o'er it.) gear.

2017 Pirate Collection Winners!

Thank ye' all fer spreading the word! Me crew knows not every swashbuckler has the coins jingling in their pocket to afford Captain Rhubarb's entire 2017 Pirate Collector's Bounty. So it be warming our hearts to have run a contest that put 5... nay, 10-- aye, you be hearing me right TEN (one for each missing bit of Gaz, the shady black market sneevil in town who sorta be look'n like a pirate... times 2) swabs to win. Here be the list, congratulate the scurvy dogs should ye' be seein' them online.

Facebook Winners

  1. Arim
  2. Saiai
  3. Fr0st
  4. Ojara
  5. Black Eagle - Already be having the bounty, so he be getting Artix's Golden Scythe and armor!

Twitter Winners

  1. Zinan
  2. Sskywalker
  3. Jebus Edrei - Already be having the bounty, so he be getting Artix's Golden Scythe and armor!
  4. Cercky
  5. Archer


Krusty Klawg

Only a fool would swing a cutlass at the King of Clawg Island alone. Me millennial crew got a big of the funny bone and took to call'n em "Krusty Klawg." But he'll be making Klawgy Patties of ye if ye dun be bringing 20 of yer closest friends to clobber 'em first!

Enjoy yer' day Swashbucklers!

Let is be known this adventure was was made in a single day...a surprise bonus 'case we be lov'n you. (Daa na na na naaaaa.... we're lov'n you.) We also stirred up a hornet's nest with our coders an testers with this little surprise, har har. So please be enjoy'n and dun judge too harshly or ye be walking the plank for an eternal night's rest in davy jone's locker, har... har...

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