Artix Krieger | Tuesday, July 26, 2016

AdventureQuest 3D's "Closed Beta" has just begun. If you have early access, join us in the most massive bug hunt since the first Alpha. Almost every system and map has been updated.

Important Notes

  • Epic Guardian Rider (Transformation) is coming Friday (Possibly Monday)
  • ShatterSkull Tower (The Necromancer's Tower at the end of DoomWood) will open with OPEN BETA -- we are holding it back so you have something to look forward to.
  • Guardian Tower is scheduled for release in OPEN BETA
  • Alpha Pirate Armors were released, but the Class is not ready yet.
  • You will only see the shops you quality for based on your character badges. (In case you are wondering why some people can see shops and others cannot)
  • Some boss monsters are now Random Spawns... please give us feedback on this.
  • Guardian Armor and other items will not always be low level... there will be quests to get better versions (and also Weapon fusion will allow you to merge them with more powerful items.)

Known Issues

    • There is a serious bug where the (!) above NPCs is not displaying. We are working on this first and will have a hot fix out ASAP.
    • Mac Players should now be able to see the (!) bubbles above the heads of NPCs and click them. Please let us know if it is working.
    • The account area is being updated and will be back to normal shortly
    • You should be able to go to Steam and play
    • The previous Unity Plugin Web Version is now discontinued (Unity dropped support for the exporter in the latest version of Unity.) In the future we will be attempting a WebGL release which, if we are lucky, will let you play on your browser without any plugins!
  • Be sure to click on NPCS! They now have crafting, shops, and more.
    • Due to the previous auto questing system, most players got used to not clicking on them.
    • We will change the quests so that players click on them to "meet them" which should solve this issue.
  • Guardian Alister's speech for non-Guardians needs fixed.
  • Need a close button from the Login screen
  • Loot bag sound is... haha, a Chest (because it used to be a chest and we changed it to a bag)
  • Occasionally when you hit the X button to close the exe, the game just crashes out
  • ...

Comment any Bugs/Issues you find in the comments section below!



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