Winners of the Co-Op Sandbox Contest

Beleen | Friday, July 5, 2024

Congratulations to our talented team builders and individual architects 

The AQ3D Co-Op Sandbox Contest has come to a close, and we are thrilled to announce our winners. Over the past two weeks, we have been blown away by the incredible creativity and teamwork displayed by our community. You all never cease to amaze us! From intricate builds to beautiful biomes to even a Brazil-themed map complete with a Krusty Krab (???), the entries showcased the limitless imagination of our beloved players. A huge thank you to everyone who participated and made this contest a success!  

And! As an added token of our appreciation, we are awarding our current *and* previous Sandbox Grand Prize Winners with a special Medal alongside their “Sandbox Supreme” title. Anyone with the “Sandbox Supreme” title can claim this exclusive Medal in the “Art Corner” Housing Shop!

So, without further ado, let's reveal our Co-Op Sandbox winners! Drumroll, please… 

Grand Prize Winning Team:
Hype Secret Park, Red Dragon Server

House Owner: TriqiAO

Team Builders: TriqiAO, Almayudha, Ryazel, Moglins, JNE, and Xyber

Hype Secret Park on the Red Dragon Server is a breathtaking blend of Asian and Modern styles, featuring 4 BRIDGE Structures, OUTBOUND, Bali Gate, Arena, Fishing, Flower Garden, Rooftop Bar, Hanging Building, and a Grave.  Here are fun facts provided by TriqiAO and their team:

😳 Almost 5000 (4978) items were used

💯 100% map environment used + sky 

✅ Easy to navigate

🪜 Almost all properties can be accessed by stairs, cables, ladders, and bridges. 

📸 We have at least 12 photo locations with nice views.

Absolutely amazing work TriqiAO, Almayudha, Ryazel, Moglins, JNE, and Xyber! Your team receives 6,000 Dragon Crystals (1k DCs each), the title of “Sandbox Supreme,” and the new Medal in the “Art Corner” Housing Shop!! Congratulations Hype Secret Park, and what a wonderful job well done everyone!  


Second Place:
SSNIGHTWING, Red Dragon Server

House Owner: -Valna-

Team Builders: -Valna- and Anferx22

-Valna- and Anferx22's creations are out of this world! For your totally awesome tiny team, you two split 4,000 DCs (2k DCs each)!

Third Place:
Valhalla, Red Dragon Server

House Owner: Yarxo

Team Builders: Yarxo, Hug, Glecard, Ocstaha, Rozelux, Sakray, Xyber, and Draugmith

Third place victory goes to Valhalla! Yarxo's team takes home 2,000 DCs (250 DCs each)!

Runner-Up Teams and Solo Builders get 1,000 Dragon Crystals 

Fairy Tail Land on Gold Server.
Built by Tre Cool, Arataka-, Lilasikuta, Cxp, Immatrex, and Jok03.
(167 DCs each)


We Explored Space on Red Server.
Built by AOG-SADO MINING-TURKIYE HiBaby and Sakray.
(500 DCs each)

Brazil House on Red Server.
Built by Toco, Loogic, -Nocturnal-, and -Havi-.
(250 DCs each)


OZ [LIONH] on Red Server.
Built by Jade Oz and Lyon Lionheart.
(500 DCs each)

Cebu Family Resort on Red Server.
Built solo by Zeke1202.
(1000 DCs)


The Hornburg on Red Server.
Built by Gallien and Castarine.
(500 DCs each) 

Roxja on… idk! It’s private!
Built by ROXERON and Janjia.
(500 DCs each)


MapCurse's Quarry on Red Server.
Built solo by MapCurse.
(1000 DCs)


Above & Beyond:
Veruponta Manor, Red Dragon Server 

No one expected to see THIS majestic manor turn up in the team build contest! Even though this masterpiece was created by a single builder, Castarine’s entry here received a PERFECT score from all our judges! Therefore, we are awarding Castarine with 1,000 DCs *and* the Sandbox Supreme Title + Medal for going above and beyond and wowing the judges so spectacularly! Be sure to visit Veruponta Manor on the Red Dragon Server so you can ogle in awe just like us. Great job, Castarine!

Thank you all for participating

We extend heartfelt gratitude to all participants who brought their visions to life. Your creativity and enthusiasm have truly made this contest special, and we are so honored to have you by our side. Whether you built with a team or ventured solo, each of your contributions continues to add so much life to the world of Lore! We look forward to seeing more of your fantastic creations in future contests – but ofc feel free to share them on Twitter, too :) 

Thank you for making the AQ3D Co-Op Sandbox Contest a resounding success, and thank you for being a part of the Artix Community Family 🥰

Battle on, builders!
Beleen, the judges, and the AQ3D team

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