Co-Op Sandbox Contest

Beleen | Tuesday, June 4, 2024

Build. Create. Collaborate! Welcome to our first-ever Co-Op Sandbox Contest!

Greetings, heroes of Lore! We are thrilled to announce the launch of our brand-new Housing functionality: Multi-Build! Multi-Build allows you to create user-generated content alongside your friends in real time. To celebrate this fab new feature, we’re hosting a spectacular contest that will put your creativity and teamwork to the test. Get ready to build, create, and collaborate like never before in AQ3D’s Co-Op Sandbox Contest!

(Before we get into contest deets, I wanted to give a shoutout to Save for their “Paradise Beach Modern House” on the Red Dragon Server. Save's home in the header image up there perfectly captures summertime fun aaand showcases a snippet of what's possible in sandbox housing!)

Contest Overview

With the introduction of Multi-Build, you and your friends can now come together to create incredible houses, imaginative items, and insane parkour obstacle courses. As the House Owner, you can assign the "Builder" role to anyone in your map, and together you can build your dream home… or nightmarish abode... with 0 regard to the laws of physics, gravity, or even good taste! Want a floating fortress made of jellybean platypuses? Go for it! A haunted mansion where every room is upside down and the floor is lava? Why not. The only limit is your imagination – and maybe your friends' patience. 

So grab your house gear, rally your teammates, and let the chaotic creativity commence!    

Co-Op Contest Details

Team Participation: 

  • Up to 10 Builders + the 1 House Owner allowed per entry 
  • Prizes will be equally distributed between the House Owner and all their Builders 
  • Flying solo, handyman? That’s fine too! Single players are welcome to participate, although they will only be eligible for Runner-Up winnings (which is still totally awesome)


  • Begins Wednesday, June 5, 2024
  • Ends Wednesday, June 19, 2024, at 11:59pm EDT (Florida time)

Important Contest Rules:

  • Open to all AQ3D gamers worldwide on any device
  • Your account must be in good standing in order to win a prize
  • AQ3D devs, mods, testers, etc welcome to participate, but no prizes will be awarded to that team
  • Build literally anything you can imagine with your friends – a castle, a kingdom, a dragon made out of rubber duckies… let your creativity run rampant! 
  • Teams of 2 or more encouraged; a maximum of 11 players (10 Builders + 1 House Owner) allowed on each team
  • House Owner is 100% responsible for making sure all Builders are named in the entry; we will not distribute prizes to player names not listed
  • In the event a winning player(s) is also on another winning team, only the higher value prize will be awarded 


  • All Dragon Crystal prizes will be evenly distributed between each team member
  • 1st Place Winning Team wins 6,000 Dragon Crystals and every team member receives the in-game title of “Sandbox Supreme” 
  • 2nd Place Winning Team takes home 4,000 DCs 
  • 3rd Place Winning Team gets 2,000 DCs 
  • Runner-Up Teams receive 1,000 DCs, and solo builders are also eligible for this prize
  • As always, we reserve the right to award those who go above and beyond!

How to Enter:

  1. Snap 4 screenshots of your Player Housing masterpiece, with at least 1 pic showing the Team (the House Owner and all of the Builders)
  2. Upload your screenies in the comments below, and/or on socials like
    @AQ3Dgame on Twitter
    @AQ3Dgame on Instagram, or
    @AdventureQuest3D on Facebook
    👆 Don't forget to tag those accounts, too!
  3. If posting on socials, use the hashtags
    #Sandbox, #TeamBuild, and #AQ3D
  4. No matter which platform you choose, include your AQ3D character name in your post AND be sure to list every player on your Team
  5. Include the House Name and the Server too so other players can witness & experience your amazing creations in-game

PS: the House Owner does not necessarily have to upload the screenshots (for example, someone else on the Team with a Twitter account can totally do it); however, it is still the House Owner’s responsibility to ensure that all Builders on the Team have been properly listed alongside the entry.

PPS: different Team Members can totally submit their own screenshots too! So like, if your Team has 5 members, each of those 5 Members could snap their own 4 screenshots and enter ‘em in the contest. Just remember to list the House Name, Server, your AQ3D name, and every player name on your Team (and maybe double check with the House Owner that all names are indeed listed)!

Let the Co-Op Creativity Commence

We are all so excited to see the amazing things you’ll create! This contest is a fantastic opportunity to showcase your sandbox skills and collaborate with friends to bring your wildest ideas to life. So gather your team, assign those Builder roles, and start building today!

And remember: every player in every winning team will receive a prize, so teamwork truly pays off. We can’t wait to see the incredible things you come up with. Happy building heroes, and may the best team win!

Battle on,
Beleen, the judges, and the AQ3D team

#Sandbox, #TeamBuild, and #AQ3D

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