Coming this week in AdventureQuest 3D!

Artix Krieger | Monday, April 30, 2018


This week in AdventureQuest 3D brings....

  • "May the 4th be with you" + new Star Swords
  • "Revenge of the 5th" + A very special dark helmet
  • Barber Shop & 12 new Hairstyles
  • Necromancer on the PTR
  • The Dream Labyrinth
  • ... and new version 1.8.7!

But first... a tribute to Ash vs the Evil Dead

I was at the hospital when I received news that Bruce Campbell was officially retiring his legendary character, Ash from the Evil Dead series. My son (Baby #3, Kai) was born that day. As you may know, the Evil Dead & Army of Darkness movies were very special to Warlic and I. You could say our brother-like friendship was truly forged the day we saw Evil Dead 2-- laughing so hard we literally ended up rolling around on the floor. Back then, there was nothing like it. We were not sure if it was intentionally supposed to be funny or not. I have seen that movie in the ball park of 90 times. Watching the movie was a right of passage for every new friend we made (and every girlfriend we had.) I will never forget the fleet of cars we had leaving my house for the opening night of Army of Darkness (Technically Evil Dead 3). Even though we had already seen a bootleg copy of it with the vastly superior (ends up in the post apocalyptic future) ending a dozen times prior. The undead invasion from Army of Darkness was one of the most personally inspiring things to me. It is deeply tied into how and why I started making games. From the first event in the first AdventureQuest, to our first live event, to the intro of AdventureQuest 3D... you can see its lasting impression. Both in the "I LOVE BATTLING HORDES OF SKELETONS" to the cheesy, campy, humor-laced comedy that gave it such a unique style. As a super-fan who owns dice made from the remains of the Evil Dead 2 cabin, it was both touching and sad to see Bruce Campbell retire the role. I am very grateful to him for returning to his role one last time in the Ash vs the Evil Dead TV series. He was brilliant and his send off in the final episode was perfect. As I watched the finale, with a tear in my eye and baby Kai in my arms (Therapy bills expected), it is obvious what I need to do-- Get this little guy a Chainsaw arm and Boomstick. Groovy on!

Catching up!

Today was my first day back in two weeks. Between multiple illnesses, 2 food poisonings, a baby being born, and a few embarrassing side-stories to boot, it is GOOD TO BE BACK! I spent the day meeting with the teams and was surprised to see how much had been done. It is going to be a really good week of releases for AQWorlds, AQ3D, DragonFable, and the original AdventureQuest. We also are going to set a date for a really good BIG ANNOUNCEMENT for all of our Flash Games. Tomorrow, I am going to update AdventureQuest 3D's GAME PLAN for you which will include all the new goodies coming in this name game update. The team has been doing one game client update a week.

Star Sword Color?

We will have new Star Swords in the May the 4th be With you shop. What colors would you like to see? Anything but pink... please.




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