Concept Art: Choose Your Own Adventuring Pirate

Glisel | Tuesday, August 6, 2019

Dage has been working on some arrr-guably awesome new looks for Talk Like a Pirate Day. Last week he posted on his Twitter a sketch of three different styles for Pirate armor sets. He asked his followers to choose their favorite as inspiration for this year's new Pirate armor set. 

Two for One!

The winning look was choice B! Armor C was a close second and is also getting an armor based on it. Both B and C are bare-chested options... Looking forward to more tattoos?? You won't be disappointed.

Dage is also working on a white variant of last year's Pirate set. He posted this image of his progress on the new armor and the white variant. You can follow his progress on Twitter or check back here for the next update!

Until then...

Battle On!


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