Craft new Summer Items!

Artix Krieger | Friday, July 17, 2020

Craft New Items at Winnie's Stall and Pointeless Isle

Thought you would enjoy a little something for you to do while we get the Ranger class ready for release next week. New items are available for crafting from Winnie's Tailor shop in town and at Pointeless Isle.

New Summer Gear

"Hey! Can I get that summer gear in the color Orangecicle?"

Craft on Pointeless Isle from "Clawg Shell Crafting. "Mmmmmm.... craftalicious!" 


Tailor new clothes at Winnie's Tailor Shop

High Inquisitor & Bluebell armor

Drop by and see Winnie at her tailor stall in our home town. She has new items for you to craft... just bring the materials.

Which set do you like best?

See you in game... Battle on!


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