Art Sneak Peak: Crescent Wolf Armor Set

Glisel | Thursday, June 27, 2019

Crescent Wolf Armor

Dage was challenged with designing this epic Crescent Wolf armor set for Arcangrove in one day! He gave us a 360 look and a little inside info on how you can acquire this piece.

Mage in Wolf's Clothing

Sometimes we must become the thing we need to overcome. This armor is a craftable set (including the possibility of a wolf's tail belt), which means you have to defeat a lot of things to get it. Unfortunately, I don't have the image of the large blade-wielding wolves which are your targets (or one type of them). However, you can get a sense from the still-glowing eyes on the helm that the magic of Arcangrove flows through these creatures as well. 

If these few art sneak peaks into the Arcangrove map haven't gotten you excited yet, more is coming. Unfortunately, we have to delay the release, but only because we know that you prefer quality over a rushed release. We're putting in the final touches before we give the Green Light. This also gives you time to level up to 25 if you haven't yet, because Arcangrove is a level 25+ zone! 

In the meantime - Battle On! 


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