April Fools - Cyber-Babies launch attack on AdventureQuest 3D

Artix Krieger | Thursday, March 31, 2016

Artix Entertainment Annual ‘Take Your Kids to Work’ Goes Terribly Wrong Causing Massive In-game Devastation

Gamers testing the Pre-Beta of AdventureQuest 3D were horrified and confused today to discover both the website and game to have been vandalized by what looks like... crayon. The vandalization appears to have been an inside job!

According to investigators, the damage happened some time during Artix Entertainment’s annual “Take Your Kids to Work Day.” Personnel at the company discovered that many portions of their website and the game’s 3D content had been drawn over in crayon. 

“We found evidence in the server room,” commented Artix, “Everything was sticky. There were dirty diapers, crayon bits, and what experts and experienced parents believed to be warm regurgitated milk. The children visiting the lab were all under two years of age, including my son... who is just one and a half. Oh man, I would hate to have to ban the little guy's account for 5 years.”


Also, oversized Drickens (Half Dragon, Half Chicken) have been reported swarming the in-game town of Battleon... along with a very usual new dungeon that just appeared in Greenguard forest. It is not using the new dungeon system, so we are not exactly sure what it is. In reviewing the game files, we noticed a new, and usually complex item with at least 20 3D animation bones/points in it-- no one has managed to acquire it yet, but it appears to be some sort of head-equipping item.

We are doing everything in our power to help the crime scene cleaners in removing the crayon, finger paint, and various food stuffs currently caking key areas of the game. If you have any tips or comments on this situation, feel free to contact Artix on Twitter and be sure to check our official AdventureQuest 3D Facebook page for breaking news as it happens. BATTLE ON!



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