Dage Armor

Artix Krieger | Wednesday, August 19, 2015
Greetings friends! I am really excited -- This feels like my first design notes post :D

This week Dage and Thyton have been painting a storm of brand new armors for AdventureQuest 3D. Featured in this image is possible Death Knight armor. Believe it or not... these armors are actually painted in Photoshop! Photoshop has a pretty cool new 3D painting tool that lets you spin and paint on a 3D model. If you have a really good eye, you could probably tell that Dage just free painted the sword and helm sillohets on to show you what it might look like if it was actually holding that.

The progress on AdventureQuest 3D recently has been amazing. Zhoom is finishing up some bug fixes and optimizations and then returning to building the skills for the first classes: Warrior, Rogue, Mage & then Guardian.

Death Knight armor all views

The new GreenGuard Forest is almost ready for release. It is beautiful and vast... giving a sense of how massive this world is going to be. Optimizations are being made to the Town of BattleOn too.. since we added the grass it has been crashing on older devices. We found a better solution. Also, we are going to chop off that temporary parkour area that we added and make it into it's own zone. We also need to add more caves and openings so we can start placing interesting and weird dungeons around the early areas of the game. I am not a fan of "normal" -- I want huge crazy surprises when you explore places. A lot of people seem to believe the start of a game should be... well, what every other game does. Normal. Boring. I want to add insanity every time you look behind a rock. My favorite quote from the movie Heathers, "The extreme always makes an impression."

In upcoming posts I would like to talk about stats for weapon and items, item fusion, multi-classing, class teirs, auto questing, Oculus Rift and google Cardboard, interface and customization, Unity, Mobile & PC/MAC download versions of the game, interactive object design when used for mini-games and unusual quests, video cutscenes, and more. We have a lot to do! Time to get started.

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