Dage Screenshot Contest Winners

Beleen | Monday, March 25, 2024

Honoring the Undead Legion with creativity, courage, and killer screenshots! Check out our winners of the Screenshot Saturday: Dark Lord Dage contest.

Greetings heroes and Legion minions of Lore! We are thrilled to announce the winners of the Dark Lord Dage Screenshot Contest! Over the past few weeks, heroes from all corners of the world ventured into the chilling domains of the Undead Legion, capturing moments that evoke the eerie essence of Dark Lord Dage.

Today, we celebrate the creativity of our community as we unveil the victorious entries!

Drumroll, please 🥁

1st Place Winner: Almayudha


Killer shot and fantastic perspective, Almayudha! You wowed the judges AND Dage the Evil! For this stellar submission, you win 2000 Dragon Crystals and a shoutout from Dage himself on Twitter. Congratulations again, Almayudha!


2nd Place Winners
are bestowed an Emperor’s Chest







3rd Place Winners
win a Warlord’s Chest


Dark Crystal








Runner Ups
receive a Soldier’s Chest





iDLE Guy







Special Category: #NationalBarbieDay

A special shoutout to DokiDokiKawai for her adorable (and aderpable) entry! We hosted “Battleon Barbae” in AQW at the same time as this Dage contest, so we wanted to open the possibilities to include the best Barbie-themed screenshots in AQ3D! And, well, yup, DokiDokiKawai totally nailed it! And totally took home 1000 DCs, too 🤩

2nd Place, 500 DCs


3rd Place, 250 DCs

Derply McWizardly

Ty-Lia McWizardly

Runner Up, 100 DCs

Jayriel, with sweet shoes


Long Unlive the Undead Legion!

Congratulations again to all the winners and everyone who participated in the Dark Lord Dage Screenshot Contest. Your creativity, talent, and passion for perfectly timed moments made this contest remarkable! Thanks to all who joined us in celebrating Dage’s birthday, and we look forward to many more adventures together!

Battle on,
Beleen, Dage the Evil, our wonderful judges, and the AQ3D team

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PPS: Do you dig the Dage in the header image? You can get the Dage poster at HeroMart.com!  

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