Dage's Arena of Souls

Artix Krieger | Thursday, March 7, 2019

New Undead Legion Quests, Challenge, and the Dage 2019 Collection

"Long Un-live the Undead Legion!"

Return to the underworld and continue your story with Dage the Evil and the Undead Legion. This release features something for everyone... especially players level 25!

Get the 2019 Dage Collection!

This... this collection is unbelievable. Featuring the combined art of Dage, Thyton, and Darkon this collection includes a legion undead horse rider travel form, the three-headed cerberus pet, a floating legion tome pet (you can see it floating in the air above), a skeletal legion dravir travel form, and the darkest array of armor and weapons that... well, there are so many that I was unable to get them all into this screenshot. Head to town or the underworld to see them for yourself.

You can get your favorite pieces separately, or buy the ENTIRE COLLECTION of 27 items (worth 14,700 DragonCrystals) for only 4,900 DragonCrystals. Which also includes a rare title, rare badge for your character page, and also gives you permanent year round access to your items saving your inventory space.

Enter the Arena of Souls

If you completed last year's quests you found out a lot about Dage's past-- and if your soul was worthy enough to join the legion. Now, are you ready for the challenge? Continue the story to begin your training. This is worth leveling up for.

The 1st Craftable Legendary Armor in game!

In our previous games, Dage's quests were always designed as a challenge for very high level players who felt like they had already done everything in the game. They were incredibly grindy tests of endurance. These new quests in Dage's Arena of Souls is NO different! The reward of such efforts? The Legion Heretic armor is our very first level 25 Legendary craftable armor. The complete set is epic and wicked.

Score a Chibi Dage pet in any of your Daily Chests!

For the next 3 months, any daily chest has a chance of dropping a Chibi Dage pet.

Player vs Player Test Happening Now in the Guardian Tower

Guardians! Come to the Guardian Tower and help us test out PvP. Next week we will be working on the next round of PvP improvements and changes based on your feedback.

Thank you & Long Un-live The Undead Legion!

We hope you enjoy this new AdventureQuest 3D release, there is a little something in it for everyone. I was completely blown away by the art-- especially the undead legion rider horse. If you would like to learn about the undead legion, be sure to read the behind the scenes post on Dage. We are celebrating Dage's birthday... and it's pretty awesome that for his birthday he works extra hard to create these things for you.

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