Dage Collection 2020

Artix Krieger | Wednesday, March 11, 2020

The Devourer of Souls

The Devourer is a high tier creation of Dage meant for the mass slaying and harvesting of souls.

To become one takes ages of soul reaping and service to the Underworld. They are ancient and have seen many battles with the Fiends of the Underworld... and the mortals of the Overworld.

The 2020 Dage Collection

Each year on his birthday, Dage crafts underworldly items at his forge. You can obtain these travel forms, pets, weapons, and gear individually for DragonCrystals, or buy the ENTIRE COLLECTION to save a ton of DragonCrystals and also get a rare title, badge, and permanent year round access to your items saving inventory space.

Devourer of Souls Rider

Ride through the underworld upon this horrifying legion steed.

Also in this release....

Death Caster Set

Craft it in the Arena of Souls

Battle the new villain, the Devourer of Souls, in the Arena of Souls to craft the Death Caster set. you will need to collect Darkened Souls and Souls of the Warrior. Created by Darkon for Dage's birthday.

Note: Upon original release, this was located in Dage's challenge. By popular request from the players it was moved to the Arena of Souls and the frequency of this villain appearing has been increased.)

Long un-live the Legion!

Dage's birthday only happens once a year... also happening in AdventureQuest 3D:

  • Join the Dage Art contest
  • Friday the 13th Legion Camp War! (Blue Skulls and the Black Hearts)
  • Fleshette has been fixed and is no longer "unkillable"
  • Title & Badge now appear if you got the 2020 Dage Collection



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