A nice day for an... underworld wedding.

Artix Krieger | Wednesday, September 4, 2019

Real life Dage the Evil & Faith are getting married!

"I've always carried a blue flame for you."

It is with incredible heartfelt joy to write that long time Artix Entertainment team members Dage & Faith are getting married this week

"Brings a whole new meaning to 'Soul-Mates'"

We will be celebrating across our games with the release of wedding arrmors.

Wedding armors available now in the Social District

The sets in AdventureQuest 3D were created by Dage before he left and matched their real-life ones closely.(Well, the suit does... he was not allowed to see her wedding dress of course!)

Dage and Faith Wedding Armor

The sets in AdventureQuest Worlds are... wicked.

Dage wedding dress and suit in AdventureQuest Worlds

More news to follow!

As you read this, they are currently atop a mountain on the other side of the country preparing to take their vows of eternal undying love. Please wish them well on this new adventure. 


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