Fan Art Contest! Dage and Faith

Glisel | Friday, September 6, 2019

Fan Art Competition!

"Since Dage is out of town getting married to Faith... how about you do the art this week?"

Enter the Dage & Faith fan art contest. They did just get married in real life. An Underworld Overlord and a beautiful Beast Master? Honor two of our legendary team members by drawing their characters in an original piece of art. Show off your talents and win prizes.

There will are three categories:

  1. Best Traditional Dage and Faith Art (as their in-game characters) - 6,660 DCs or ACs
  2. Most Unique Dage and Faith Art (IRL or In-Game selves) - 6,660 DCs or ACs
  3. Most Creative Dage and Faith Art. - 6,660 DCs or ACs

How to Enter?

Eligible art must include both Dage and Faith, but it doesn't necessarily have to be a wedding or romantic art piece. Submit your best Dage and Faith fan art to @ArtixKrieger's Fan Art Contest Twitter post. Contest ends on Monday, September 15, 2019. (Updated)


One winner from each category will receive 6,660 Dragon Crystals or Artix Coins (Woah!)
And two runners up (6 total) from each category will receive 666 Dragon Crystals or Artix Coins (Double WOAH!)

The newly weds are leaving for their honeymoon where they'll be off the grid, so let's surprise them with lots of amazing art for when they return! Good luck everyone!

Dage and Faith

Also! Head to the Social District to get the Wedding Dress, Legion-Blue Suit, and accessories.

Dage created a present for you before he left. You can pick it up in the social district of town. That's the bit to the left where the Shop of Oddities is located.

Last Week's Screen Shot Saturday Winners

Best Action Shot:

@JusticarLuna on Twitter (IGN: Lunaceria)

Best Selfie:

@iamMyrcyclops on Twitter (IGN: Myrcyclops)


Congratulations winners! Check your inventory to redeem your Emperor's Chests!
View all of the submissions in the AQ3D Facebook Photo Album


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