Artix Krieger | Tuesday, August 14, 2018

The Daily Boss Fight Rotation has begun!

Each day, a random boss fight will become available for 24 hours. To take on the boss, simply talk to Twilly, the red mogiln on the tree stump in town.

Story Time! "Boss Randomizer"

When we launched the new boss fights last Friday, we also programmed the server to automatically switch to the new boss fight each day. It broke. So Sunday morning, the game got stuck. Oishii got on to switch the map manually. But, for some reason, the map only updated on one server. LOL! So each server had a different boss fight happening. We got a fix up for it Monday morning and it is now working the way you would expect :D

More Boss Fights coming

This weekend we added two new boss fights to the rotation, and more are on the way.

Pain in the Grass

A pain in the grass

Our grass is looking good... but we had to do some emergency cutting after reviewing the weekend's stats. We were horrified to find a 300% map load time increase in maps with grass. This is especially bad on mobile where small filesizes are mandatory. We removed the grass from the Town of Battleon and are currently trying a new approach. On the bright side... at least we found this issue now before adding it to every map in the game!

3D Compass in video game

3D Compass is pointing us in the right direction!

The 3D compass Zhoom added to the game in the latest update is getting a lot of love. Not just from existing players, but new players are having a much easier time navigating the game. We saw a substantial boost in the number of new heroes who have quested all the way through Greenguard.

Story Time - So, the compass actually exists in 3D space. Due to the way it is placed, it may be possible to actually find the real floating 3D compass just hovering in the world somehwere... LOL. Zhoom is fixing that in the next update.



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