Darkovia Concept Art

Artix Krieger | Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Vant to sink your fangs into a vittle sneaky peeky Darkovia concept art?

"The night is dark and full of... vampires, werewolves, gargoyles, shadow creatures <list sorta goes on for a while>"

We have a trilogy of dark releases coming for you in AdventureQuest 3D this October. What better way to celebrate the 15th year anniversary of the Artix Entertainment community and video game studio-- which just happens to land smack dab on a Friday the 13th!?  The sneak peak concept art below if for the highly anticipated Darkovia "Vampire vs Werewolf" saga. Llusion draws these concept sketches before he and Xero model and texture the terrain. 

The Vampire Castle

Bloodfang Keep is the horrifying stronghold of the Darkovian vampires. It is massive, full of twisting coordinators, dungeons, and surprises. You can see the massive castle silhouetted by the moon from almost anywhere in Darkovia. But only the truly foolish would dare go there. 

Rumors indicate that the Castle itself is full of unspeakable horrors. While many have ventured into the castle and returned... none have ever returned alive.

 The Vampires are ruled by an immortal King. In addition to blood, the Vampires have a taste for culture, art, science, and magic. From the lowest ranking Ghoul to the high ranking Vampire Lords, you will find them intelligent and cunning.

The war between the Vampires and Werewolves has rages off and on for many lifetimes under the eternal night of Darkovian skies.

The Werewolves, known better as Lycans to the locals, are fierce warriors who never surrender. Unlike the Vampires, they unleash their inner primal beast to achieve victory. The Lycans constantly battle each other for position within their pack-- so you can only imagine how powerful their current Alpha must be to have remained the leader of the pack for so long.

The Lycans gain their powers from the moon... and some outright worship it. Unlike the Vampires who sleep in coffins, the true Lycans prefer the informal comfort of their den.

There are some pieces of concept art here that should never be discussed....

Like this one.... of course, if you have been in other incarnations of our beloved world, perhaps you may have some insight onto why this place is so significant.

Velcome to sunny the haunted forest of Darkovia, stranger!

Outsiders who arrive in Darkovia will find themselves standing at the rot iron gates of Darkhurst. Why would anyone live in a town cursed by eternal night, wedged in the middle of two warring supernatural forces? YAHOO ANSWERS > BEST ANSWER: "Super low property taxes!" Visit Boog's tavern and have a fresh cup of... best just to drink it and not ask any questions. Questions like... who is that mysterious fellow in a dark leather longcoat weilding the stake and silver sword?

Darkovia is releasing in October!


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