Top 10 reasons Darkovia will be late

Artix Krieger | Monday, October 30, 2017

Top 10 Reasons Darkovia is going to be late

You do not need to be psychic nor a tester to have forseen Darkovia is going to be a few days late. So here we go... let's count down the top 10 reasons why!

#10 Pantless Werewolves

Since our werewolves do not wear pants, we're just waiting for their fur to grow.

#9 Everything in the release worked on the first try... so we are going back to put bugs in.

Putting bugs into a release requires diligent effort! Our bug-placers must painstakingly test the game over and over to make sure that random, indescribable bugs that cannot be reproduced pop up when you least expect it.

#8 Artix & Cysero think they're writing a visual novel

The Darkovia Saga Part 1 is extremely plot heavy with over 22 dialog cutscenes which introduces an interesting cast, and sets up the future releases.  (This is the only entry on the top 10 that's not a joke)

#7 Stranger Things

Did they HAVE to release it on Friday? REALLY!? (If you are watching it, be sure to keep an eye out for my buddy Joe Davidson who plays "Nerdy Tech Guy" in his white lab coat in several episodes.)

#6 We're reading your class feedback... still.

There are thesis papers shorter than some of your commentary on the new classes.

#5 The Dev team's deadline was accidentally set for October 2018

"You mean Darkovia was for THIS YEAR!?"

#4 When its ready o'clock is stuck at "I just can't"

Knew we should have gotten one of those fancy Apple watches instead.

#3 Waiting for the private servers to release Darkovia... so we can steal it

"What a twist!" - M Night Shyamalan

#2 Were still waiting for Team Frogzard to win

Huh? ...what do you mean the war meters froze when the Drickens hit 100%?

#1 <NEW! Create your own>

Please make it funny, not mean :D It sucks more than a vampire and bites more than a werewolf that Darkovia did not launch in October. Not that it really had to. Unlike the Friday the 13th and Mogloween releases, the new Darkovia area is permanent content that will be available all year round. For those who might be tempted to blame the class improvement release, please let them know that the coding team and content team work separately so this was definitely not a blocker. The honest reason Darkovia will be late was the amount of extra work & content we put into Friday the 13th and Mogloween. It has definitely not been for lack of effort-- we were here until the wee hours of the night every day last week and many of us worked diligently through the weekend. As it has been very challenging accurately predicting our release times with this new cross-platform 3D game, resulting with no end of egg on my Paladin Helmet's visor, from here on out I will include more detail of where we are at exactly with an upcoming release, and refrain from announcing hard deadlines. At least until we have smoothed out our game releases to a reliable schedule like our other games. You may see us struggle, but you'll never see us quit." Battle on!

P.S. This is a special design notes post because it marks the first time you have seen me intentfully write with contractions. I also think I made up the word intentfully.








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