Sandsea's Deadly Monster Quests

Glisel | Tuesday, June 8, 2021

Return to the Rebel Camp

Schmoe and Brienne the Blacksmith have some monstrous requests. Kill deadly monsters around Sandsea and use their monster parts to craft deadly weapons!

Mamba Mia!

Meet Schmoe, the hydration specialist for the rebels. Buy potions and water bottles, visit his Hydration Station for Moglinade, or take on his special quest "Mamba Mia!" The cave snakes and their Mamba mama snake have moved into his favorite hangout spot in the cave. Clear them out swiftly and he'll give you 5 Rebel Rubies as a reward.

Deadly Monster Parts

Return to Brienne the Blacksmith in the rebel camp for a new quest! Help her out by killing three of the deadliest monsters in the Sandsea: King Nolagem, Sting, and Sliteroth. She'll pay you in Rubies and Monster Parts which you can turn into level 35 Deadly Monster Weapons. Just make sure you have some Sandestine Alloy on hand for crafting. Craig the Intern, located in Nigel Fuzzybum’s office in Bastion, can help you acquire the rare alloy if you need some.

Sandsea Deadly Monster Weapons

  • Pharaoh Pistol
  • Sting's Telson
  • King Scarab Spear
  • Deadly Sand Snake Sai

Combine these base weapons with more Sandestine Alloy to create Epic deadly weapons.

  • Golden Pharaoh Pistol - Requires Pharaoh Pistol (and additional materials)
  • Desert Slayer Claw - Requires Stings's Telson, King Scarab Spear, and Deadly Sand Snake Sai


See you in the Rebel Camp!

- Artix, Glisel, and the AdventureQuest 3D Team

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