Development Diary: New Battleon

Artix Krieger | Friday, April 12, 2019

The Talk around Town

"Finally! Something I can look at today that does not contain Game of Thrones Spoilers!"

We are going to stop talking about this whole design thing very abruptly... for obvious plot related reasons beginning later this week. Which I am sure you have already guessed were going to happen. And even though you probably already guessed what is going to happen, you are probably excited for it. An event like the one that is about to happen, is very rare. It has happened in games like DragonFable, AQWorlds, and even the original AdventureQuest.... and it happened for the exact same reason. Sure, you could smell it coming a mile away. But, there is no telling who will or will not survive it. I will not know either... at least not until after the AQ3D team meeting which starts in 15 minutes.

For those of you who are new to our online gaming community and wondering, "What the heck is he talking about?" Oh man, you're going to love this. Server-wide event coming.

Design Philosphy of New Battleon

We made it... BIG! Consisting of four separate districts (town square, scholar district, social district and trade district) it also has the Guardian Tower, PvP Colosseum, Cemetery, the Teleporter Crystal Gate and... all the shops. You can see our progress on AdventureQuest 3D's official Game Plan. The new world story, with the villain Vane, will be told through this new town.

Travel Crystal and Gate

Travel Crystal Gate

We created a new flow through the early parts of the game, which includes a new travel crystal which will help new players follow the story. The travel crystal and rune gate will serve as the guide for AdventureQuest 3D's main story-line. So where do all of the other quests go? While the rune textures are glitched in this old screenshot, completing each major story segment will result in a rune lighting up.

The Job Board

The Job Board

Across all areas of town, and inside the inn, you will have access to the Job Board. This will provide you with things to do at your level, and side-quests... so there is always something to do. <3 the design of this.

The new areas, shops, and features in town will cover all of our current needs for the game, and have space waiting for the new ones...

Battleon Guild Hall

I updated the AdventureQuest 3D Game Plan with the latest progress. (Might need to update it again after the staff meeting... which I am not late for O_O)

Oh, before I go. As the server-wide events prepares to begin later this week.... please forget that you even saw this post. It is OK for you to know as a player what is happening, but your character, who is experiencing this, does not know. Do not tell your character.... XD



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