Devourer of Souls Rider

Artix Krieger | Tuesday, March 10, 2020

Coming with tomorrow's Dage Release

A lot of players have been asking to see the Devourer of Souls Rider... here are some GIF's from the dev server!

Sunset? Hah. We will ride off into the darkness!

QUESTION: The factions fighting in tomorrow's Friday the 13th War are both Legion themed.... Blue Skulls vs Black Hearts. Here, among yourselves in the community, determine faction leaders (or a council?), rank, and titles... and tell us what you and your side is fighting for. That is, plenty of you have reached out to me about being a more significant part of the game. And here is your chance. We will read the things you post and cherry pick things to become "fact" in our fantasy. Just like we used to do in the good old days. As of the moment I am typing this, the Blue Skulls and the Black Hearts are just words. By your creativity and, mostly likely, goofyness, let's have a little fun together doing something no other same game would try. Declare your side, your rank, what and why you are fighting for your side to win... maybe write a little backstory on how you joined the legion. May the darkness be with you.


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