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Glisel | Wednesday, November 8, 2023

Get More From Lore!

Loremaster Hazel has found a clue for the next piece of the Cosmic Raiment. Head to the Loremaster’s Lodge to find out where you will go next as her partner in this research. Meanwhile, the Quest Board has three new Odd Jobs for you to fulfill to put some extra gold in your pockets.

Cosmic Gloves

Loremaster Hazel has found a clue about the cosmic being and the next piece of the Cosmic Raiment: The Cosmic Gloves. Head to the Loremaster’s Lodge to get caught up on her latest research and find the next stop Unearthing the Raiment.

Travel to dangerous, yet exciting, locations around the world of Lore to learn more about the mysterious cosmic being Hazel is researching. Once you have gathered enough for Hazel to create a pattern, you can gather all the thread and materials you need to craft these gloves with her Daily and Repeatable quests for more threads.

As usual, once you have crafted the gloves, you can gather more materials to craft the Awakened Cosmic Gloves as well.

Take on New Odd Jobs

If you are in need of some quick gold, the Quest Boards around Lore have some great options: Daily Boss Battles, Random Adventures, and today’s focus - Odd Jobs around Lore. The jobs will help you get to know the different locations around the world of Lore by filling small requests (1-3 objectives) for NPCs according to your preferred level range. This is the start of the Quest Board refresh as we update it with new quests and put extra gold in your pocket. Each Odd Job is repeatable and additionally rewards Level Rewards tokens used to buy items from Cysero’s Forge.

New in Levels 1-10

Sneevil Tea Party: Travel to various maps around Greenguard to collect a special blend of ingredients for the Sneevil Tea Party. Your reward includes a sample of Sneevil Sipping Tea.

Slime Farmer: Ol’ Jeb is looking for a brave adventurer to go down into Yulgar’s Sinkhole to collect Exotic Slimes for his collection. He’s willing to pay a little extra gold for your trouble.

New in Levels 16-20

Atlantean Basket Weaving: The Atlantean Council wants to revive an old tradition, Atlantean Basket Weaving. Discover the lost blueprints and collect the materials required to weave one of the baskets and the council will reward you for your effort.

Nulgath Finale Update

Yes! The Nulgath Saga Finale is coming! We’re putting the finishing touches on it now as we set up shops, finalize boss fights and challenges, and playtest the story to make sure we bring you the epic finale you all deserve. When it is done, you finally get to meet Nulgath face-to-face in a fight for Dage’s soul. We hope to have it ready for you soon.


Thank you and… Next!

Your inventory is getting an update! Thanks to all of the player feedback on PRT, your bank and backpack inventory will be easier to navigate with new sorting options, including sort A-Z or by item Power! Check out the latest version on our PTR server.

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