Doctor Trollenstein

Artix Krieger | Wednesday, October 9, 2019

"I can think of 999 reasons why I should kill you-- and 1,000 of them are for science!" - Doctor Trollenstein

Next week, come on down to the lab for a free check up.  Coming in the next AdventureQuest 3D release... "the Doctor is in!"

Doctor Trollenstein and Headless H orseman

"I just like bringing people together!"

Remember last year's Trollenstein's Monster? The Trolluk stitched together from the parts of what we assume where... other Trolluks, machinery, and more Trolluks? In the next release you will meet his maker.

Doctor Trollenstein by Dage

"Eeeehaheheheheheh! If I'm such a 'MAD' SCIENTIST, then how do you explain all the laughing?"

Doctor Vincent Trollenstein is the scientific community's most trusted name in sticking things together that don't belong, poking it with a stick until it's good and angry, then sending it to your home town to see what happens."Science is a hungry beast, I like to keep her well fed." says the Doctor while surgically implanting zombified frogzard teeth into a Moglin's mouth. The Doctor is well past retirement age. But he clearly drank "Retirement plan B potion."

Doctor Trollenstein offers service with a smile

Doctoring up the photos

This new AdventureQuest 3D character was designed by Dage and modeled by Xero. Several players have noted that it would be funny if Mort was his Moglin in this game. >_> #ISeeWhatYoudidThere . The claw attachment on his back is vital for those hard to rip apart bits. Science can be hard.

Bonus Question:  If you were a Mad Scientist building inventions "for the good of all of us, even the ones who are dead..." what would you create? Monster Hybrids? New body parts?

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