A Hero’s Best Friend

Glisel | Wednesday, June 22, 2022

Visit Aria’s Pet Shop!

Aria now has an assortment of dogs available to adopt, including a quest to become the owner of very good boi Klaus. If you can’t afford to adopt, there are still Training Pets available through her Learning About Pets quest line.


Aria loves all of the pets in her shop and wants them to go to good homes. Help her make delicious dog treats to feed the puppies. Gather different ingredients from Aria’s recipe from around Lore and persuade her that you have what it takes to be a good owner to a very good boi… Klaus.

Doggie Adoption

Companions like these are worth every DragonCrystal. Which one will become your new best friend?

  • Klaus (uses Dog Treats)
  • Snarl
  • Diesel
  • Battleranian
  • Goldie
  • Dusty
  • Dark Puppy (Moved from "Pets and Gear" shop)
  • Doge Pup (Moved from "Pets and Gear" shop)

Training Pets

Have you been saving up your Pet Feed from the Daily Treasure Chests? Good. You can use the Pet Feed to buy a variety of Training Pets from Aria. There are drickens, frogzards, trobbles… all sorts of unconventional pets. You can unlock more of them through Aria’s “Learning About Pets” quests. You can also get more Pet Feed the “Get More Pet Feed” and, new, “Helping Out More” daily quests.

Legacy Sandsea Capstone Armors

Find Maximus near Cysero’s Forge in Battleon to explore his newest shop: Legacy Sandsea Rewards. This shop contains two full cosmetic armor sets representing the Wind and Sand pyramid keepers in Sandsea. These use regular Capstones and the item costs were adjusted to suit cosmetics.

Need Capstones? Each time you hit max level, you can keep filling the XP bar to earn 100 Capstones.

Keeper of Wind

  • Keeper of Wind Armor
  • Keeper of Wind Belt
  • Keeper of Wind Boots
  • Keeper of Wind Gloves
  • Keeper of Wind Back
  • Keeper of Wind Helm
  • Keeper of Wind Shoulders

Keeper of Sand

  • Keeper of Sand Armor
  • Keeper of Sand Wrap (Belt)
  • Keeper of Sand Boots
  • Keeper of Sand Armplates (Gloves)
  • Keeper of Sand Crest (Helm)
  • Keeper of Sand Cloak (Back)
  • Keeper of Sand Ornamental Plates (Shoulders)

Seasons Cleaning

What Left in this Release?

  • Nothing!

What's Leaving Next?

  • Taylor and the Pride Shop leaves the Social District (remains at Pointe Less) - June 29
  • DC Bonus - leaves Aug 10

Reminder: All Friday the 13th content in the Oddities Shop is permanent.

Thank you and... Coming Next

The Nulgath Saga!
The time is finally upon us.... The new multi-part Nulgath saga is about to begin. Your adventure will start in the creepy red forest of Seleden. Meet an all new cast of ambitious paladins, strange townsfolk, and devious fiendstresses. An iconic and unfathomably powerful Sword is rumored to be somewhere within the forest. You have no idea what you are about to get yourself into.

The level cap will increase by one with Part 1 of this saga. It will contain 27 story quests, side challenges, statted item drops, and one NPC who really... really... wants to kiss you.

You will find three factions competing in this saga. The Paladins of the Golden Onslaught, Dage's Undead Legion, and as the story unfolds.... a third, new faction which has only been mentioned in AdventureQuest 3D to date.

Until then…
Battle on!

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