Doomwood coming next week!

Artix Krieger | Friday, February 22, 2019

Next Week... in DoomWood

The Tower of Necromancy would like to thank everyone participating in the current PvP testing... all of the dead players are being recycled to bolster the size of our undead army. Doomwood is coming next week.

The Ferryman

Creepy. Ominous. Pretty good at rowing. The ferryman provides the only means of travel to the Isle of the Dead. Which, of course, is where they keep the Tower of Necromancy.  Depending on your dark magical desires... you may wish to leave a memorable impression upon him.

The Paladin

Surprise... Artix is not going to be your Paladin contact in DoomWood anymore. This dashing new young fellow who possesses the ability to grow facial hair (lucky son of a lich) will be leading the crusade to bring light back to this land of the dead. So before next week's DoomWood release drops, pay Artix a final visit in DoomWood.


So, you know how Korin wears a bag on his head? ...Dage's birthday is coming up on the 1st. He "Undead Legionified Korin's bag"

Undead Legion Horse (Mr. Dead?)

On the topic of Dage's birthday.....


Hello... I'm Mr. DEAD

A horse is a horse, of corpse, of corpse...
And no one can talk to an undead horse of corpse...
Unless its the corpse, of a famous horse....
Is the famous MR. DEAD.

*ends singing*

It pains me that I have to post this Mr. Ed theme song lyrics to explain the above to those who think I just lost my mind. (Also, spoiler: I lost my mind at least two posts ago... and the decent into the mental abyss is going to be beautiful That is why you feel the irresistible urge to keep reading these.

Dage asked Thyton if he would "legionify" his Katanas and Darkon was asked to make a legion spear. But no one asked me to make any legion stuff. >_< "Why you no want Legion Puns Dage!?"

Back to your regularly scheduled DoomWood Post

Per your request, we created a unique silhouette for the Tower of Necromancy. It is located in the middle of the Crimson lake. Many of our older maps including DoomWood were super tiny compared to the new maps we have been building. We have envisioned a much larger over arching storyline for AdventureQuest 3D's forest of the dead. The #1 goal of this revamp is to make this the lower level "starting point" in DoomWood that will be easily expanded past the Tower of Necromancy, past the Castle of Bone, through the Necropolis and beyond. Each of these new areas should be a considerably higher level  than the last... creating a reason to keep returning and exploring the deeper reaches of DoomWood as the game grows.

We will be using the extra time to add more of the "fun stuff" that you enjoyed in Greenguard Forest's revamp to DoomWood. #NotDoomWoof Really hope you enjoy it... and are hyped for journey to the Isle of the Dead which will quickly follow in the next release.

Meanwhile.... PVP is in Testing now.






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