DoomWoof 2.0

Artix Krieger | Monday, February 18, 2019

This week, we will return to the undead forest of DoomWoof....

(OMG, that typo, LOL! OK, we're just gonna roll with this.)

Don't put me in the dog house for this update. We're throwing you a bone this week with the revamp of DoomWoof. We will be unleashing an all new storyline. Even the bark on the trees is getting a re-texture. If you hear an old yeller... that's probably our newest Paladin NPC. He's definitely a good boy. The necromancers will certainly be interested in you fetching a bone or two for their dark arts. You can sit, stay, or play this release when it rolls over to the live servers on Thursday night. If you turn out to be the top dog in DoomWoof, then you might sniff out the way to the Tower of Necromancy in Part 2. Let undead dogs lie. 

Be careful... it's a dog eat zombie dog world out there. D


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