Double Daily Rewards!

Glisel | Friday, April 8, 2022

Get Your Double Daily Rewards!

Hop on AdventureQuest 3D get DOUBLE DAILY REWARDS starting at midnight (tonight) Friday, April 8, to midnight Wednesday, April 13th (Eastern Standard Time)!

Making good after that pesky daily reset bug

We love that you have made AdventureQuest 3D daily tasks and quests part of your regular gameplay. We fixed that pesky daily reset bug. And to make up for it, we are giving you five days of double daily rewards! This includes item rewards, like class tokens and crafting materials.

Bonus DC Bonus??

Yes! We are retroactively giving the extra 50% DragonCrystals and resuming the bonus until Wednesday, April 13th.

Retroactively? Resuming?

Well, when our March DragonCrystal Bonus ended it apparently only ended on the dev side. We did not announce that it was going away and didn’t take down the news screen announcement (you do scroll through the news screen buttons, don’t you?)... and that is on us. So, if you bought from the Upgrade Shop since then, hoping for extra DragonCrystals and didn’t get them… We’re still giving them to you. And giving you time to get a little extra, just because we like you XD


Battle On! ... Double Time!

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