Artix Krieger | Monday, December 4, 2017

Monster Races & Attributes

The programming team added races/attributes to monsters.  So now, we can now define what they are! Which is exactly what Oishii is doing right now. For example, zombies and skeletons will all be declared UNDEAD. Dragons, frogzards and dragony things will all be declared DRAGONKIND.

But what about an Undead Dragon!?

Oh, that is easy! An undead dragon would be both DRAGONKIND and UNDEAD. Additionally it might be FLYING, TITAN SIZE, CURSED, and LEGION.

Frogzards are Dragonkind

Dragonslayers do bonus damage vs Dragonkind

As you know, DragonSlayers will do extra damage verse dragony-things. So we had to determine which of the fantasy creatures in our beastiary had dragon blood in them.  Oishii is going through the monsters one-by-one tagging the dragonkind ones. Upon going through the monster list, it turns out we have a lot of dragonkind monsters. From the world famous Frogzard to the Dricken (which is half dragon, half chicken -- which came first, the dragon or chicken egg?) Thought you might enjoy a list!

  • Dragons
  • Drakes
  • Dragon-Eggs
  • Dravir
  • Frogzards
  • Drakimps
  • Drickens

Did we miss any?

The DragonSlayer class is programmed (at least our best 1st pass before testing) and Korin is working on the class animations between working on the Ashfall II cutscenes. Meanwhile, Yergen and the content team are getting Darkovia II ready for testing. Dage & Thyton made some wicked new boss monsters for it. How about we do a reveal post for one of them tomorrow?  Send your heals to Dage though (undead heals?) he left the lab with a sore throat and cough. Really hoping he did not get what Cysero and a few of us had. I was brutally sick and out nearly all of last week. Feeling much better this week-- so we should finally be able to shoot the unboxing video for the real-life, 90lb, Blinding Light of Destiny. We have another AQ3D game client getting ready to go live this week with a bunch more bug fixes. A few more things while I am thinking of everything going on... this was my first day back, so I am getting caught up too. I saw a snowy version of the new Battleon and a new villain in the folder, as well as a new version of Yulgar's Inn which is bigger, warmer, and has sit-table chairs. (Applying some of the improvements that were introduced in Boog's Tavern) Yergen indicated that he wanted to jolly it up for the holidays... so--  eager to see what he comes up with!


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