LIVE! Dragon's Graveyard

Artix Krieger | Friday, June 1, 2018

Something is happening to the souls of the Dragons...

Enter the heart of an ancient crater and behold the Dragon Graveyard. It is a mythical place, flowing with the magic of ancient dragons who go there to die in peace.  But something is happening to the souls of the Dragons....

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Alata the Fairy Dragon

Seek out the Fairy Dragon to begin this all new adventure from Kickstarter World Builder, Zakaru! Available now for players of all levels, the dragon's graveyard may be the most expectantly beautiful area in AdventureQuest 3D.

New Loot & Items to Craft

  • Dragon Rider - Armor Set
  • Mushronin - Armor Set
  • Defiler Bandit - Armor Set
  • Mushogun - Armor Set
  • Mushrogun Sheathed Blade - Back item
  • Mushrogun Sword - Katana
  • Muchmen Hammer
  • Mushmen Sword
  • Mushmen Staff
  • Mushmen Dagger
  • Dragon Bone Staff
  • Dragon Bone Axe
  • Dragon Tooth Lance
  • Defiler Wing Hook
  • Mushronin Staff
  • Swim Suit... wait, what? Why are there Swim Suits in the database?

Camouflage yourself with 3 New Travel Forms

Take the form of creatures form of the monsters from the Dragon's Graveyard and explore...

  • Fairy Dragon - 4,500 DC
  • Zoom Shroom - 1,900 DC
  • Dark Shroom -  Guardian (from item drop)


Do not eat the Mushrooms

But crafting them into epic armor and fungi samurai weaponry is 100% A-OK.

Caretaker's Tower

The Dragon's Graveyard is a 2-Part Saga

We hope you enjoy this first part of the Dragon's Graveyard. The story will continue in the next release as we <HEY! NO SPOILERS!!!>.

Level Cap Raised to 21!

We added two new fixed (not scaling) dungeons in this release called the Mushmen's Nest & Broodons Challenge. Here you can battle for drops that will allow you to craft our first ever level 21 items.

Thank you to Zakaru

We would like to thank real-life Zakaru for making this area possible. He was extremely focused and excited on making something fun and interesting for you and all of your fellow players to enjoy. We had a blast when he and his sister visited the lab to meet and work with us. He is a great guy, and if you see him in game, be sure to say hi and toss him some thanks for this awesome saga.

Battle on!
Artix & the AdventureQuest 3D Team

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