Dragon's Graveyard

Dragon's Graveyard Concept Art

Artix Krieger | Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Beautiful. Magical. Desolate.

"There are those who believe dragons, at the end of their life's journey, are drawn to a magical place. Of course, those people also believe the dragon's take their treasure there with them to this mysterious and enchanted place."

Concept Art Sneak Peak

The Dragon's Graveyard is one of our two upcoming Kickstarter "World Builder" tier backer areas. Zakaru (Pronounced Z-uh car Roo) visited the lab with his Sister and unleashed his creativity in what will be a very surprising adventure. It should be known that Zakaru is a very unusual, half-dragon Necromancer.

The concept art was created by Llussion. Zakaru wanted this to be a place of surprising beauty. This place will delve deeper into the lore of Dragons and give DragonSlayers (which will become available for players to earn in Ashfall Part III) something to further test their skills.

Kickstarter Status Update

During this 1st month of 2018, along with our upcoming content releases, the team has been completing the remaining Kickstarter rewards. I am very excited to announce that we are nearly done with the next batch of Custom Weapon Backer items. while they can pick their items up at the Sanctuary, once this batch is finished, we will be sending the extra codes. (Finally!) The nameplates are nearing completion (possibly going live in the next release) and titles to follow shortly. The Paladin class will be up on the PTR for testing very soon. Ninja will be the next to be coded.

Tomorrow! Feature Status Update

We have been chopping away at the features and changes on the mega Game Plan we came up with together. (I still owe you the status update page!) Check back tomorrow and we will catch up on what has been going on behind the scenes. We are probably going to end up talking about the Harmon Story Circle, D&D Modules, and how to redesign the inventory system while we are at it O_O


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