Preview of Dragon's Graveyard

Artix Krieger | Wednesday, May 30, 2018

A majestically magic & beautiful place to sleep... forever.

You probably did not expect the Dragon's Graveyard to look like this.

When dragons become old and know that there time has come... they travel to the fabled Dragon's Graveyard. Of course, it is real. There are so many questions. What secrets can be learned about the dragons there? Do they bring their treasure there? How is it guarded from looters? What would happen if a Necromancer found their way there? You are about to find out...

Level Cap Increase to 21!

We will raise the level cap to Level 21 with the Dragon's Graveyard. The Dragon's Graveyard itself is level 25 (intended to come a few levels after Ashfall-- a good zone for DragonSlayers). We are scaling this map so all players can access it. We are also adding two fixed level 21 challenge dungeons with new level 21 gear. It should be noted that this is second and final Kickstarter World Builder area. It is a story that everyone should experience when it is first released. Later, we will properly set the content of this (and several other areas) to its intended level.


  • Alpha Pirate & Pirate getting ready for testing on the PTR
  • A new weapon type "Pistols" has been added to the game.
  • We are fixing the UI scaling stuff including the Chat window size
  • Cast bars are coming too... not the ones for spells, the ones for doing other stuff.
  • The big giant scary Unity 2018 game client update will be happening right after the release.

Random Thoughts

The Dragon's Graveyard is aesthetically beautiful. I was surprised at the original direction it went. The story is fun-- we really hope you like it. While I type this, Cysero & Panic Pop are coding the remaining quest machines. Oishii is adding the new items to the database and making the crafting shops. Yergen, Korin, Dage, & Thyton are passionately working on the maps, monsters, animations, and items for the second part which is the finale. I have not posted as many Design Notes these past few weeks as I had before-- mostly due to the whirlwind of critical and time sensitive projects I have been needed on. My creative spirit yearns to make stuff though! That is why, for the past two weeks in a row I stayed at the lab until ~11pm after the release was live to edit and publish those YouTube videos. We were shocked at how many people liked them. Do you like them? (I onlyu made them because Vesper happened to be out that one Friday... then it started becoming a "thing") Is this something we should keep doing? Would you like us to feature random players on them? Should the game's cutscenes be like that? LOL. Players mentioned that they would like more emotes and a camera that lets them get more angles so they can make them too. I was thinking of some sort of flying eye pet that you could use like a camera. Which is pretty similar to wha tI do to make header shots like the one at the top of this page and the videos I make. Actually... if we had one in the actual game, I could make the videos without that terrible screen tear I keep getting from the Unity IDE having 9 bazillion-trazillion GPU windows open. Also... facial expressions. Which theoretically we could change based on things you type like emotes. The guys making the AdventureQuest 3D MEMEs would really enjoy that too. Battle on!




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