Unlocking DragonSlayer Class with Daily Quests

Artix Krieger | Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Dailies & Dragons

With Ashfall Part III about to release (we are in final testing right now!), all players will be able to earn and unlock the DragonSlayer class! Find out how...

Collect and Switch between Classes

In AdventureQuest 3D, you can collect classes like Warrior, Rogue, Mage, DragonSlayer, etc and switch between the ones you have unlocked at any time. Click on "Classes" in your main menu to see which ones you already have. It does more than just give you total freedom in changing your playlist and strategy.  Why is this feature so important?  Well, (story time) we have played  a lot of games that required you to have certain classes in your party. Which meant we could not play together whenever we wanted. Especially not in competitive play-- which, a bit of a personal story, was disheartening and tore our group of friends apart. So in AdventureQuest 3D (and our previous games) we made it so you could switch classes at will, allowing people to play together no matter what the adventure or dungeon challenge requires.  Switching classes gives you the freedom to change your skills, to experience different play styles, and you and your friends can change your strategy without needing to "ditch a friend just because you need a healer in the party." Not that I am bitter :P

Unlocking DragonSlayer Class

When the new release goes live, go to the DragonSlayer's command tent. Galanoth, the leader of the DragonSlayers will now have the option for you to earn the DragonSlayer Class. This will require DragonSlayer Tokens-- which you earn from the storyline and from his new daily quests. After you unlock the class, you can use the DragonSlayer Tokens to unlock pieces of DragonSlayer armor and... yes... oh yes...  the DragonBlade.

Class Tokens

So, as you may have figured, every class now has its own currency. 

  • DragonSlayers - DragonSlayer Tokens
  • Paladin - Paladin Tokens
  • Ninja - Ninja Tokens
  • Necromancer - Necromancer Tokens
  • ... you get the idea :D

You earn them from doing story-line quests and from doing dailies from the class trainer.  Good news! We store these class tokens separately from your inventory... which means they do not take up any bad space. Right now, you have to open up the class menu and look at a class to see how many class tokens you have for it.

Can I buy a class with DragonCrystals?

Sort of. In the class menu, you can quick buy the remaining class tokens to unlock your class. That is, you only pay for the tokens you need. But, the only way to buy the class armor, weapons, and items is with the class tokens.

Yup, if you played the Ashfall Storyline, we retroactively snuck some DragonSlayer tokens on your account

You may be surprised to find you ALREADY have some DragonSlayer tokens! There are a total of 5 DragonSlayer tokens you can earn during the storyline. Three of them come from the previous parts of the story. So, if you already played through the Ashfall Saga, we went ahead and put the correct amount on your character. We did not want you to miss out.

Class Daily Quests "The Gotcha!"

If you never played a game with daily quests before, then I wanted to make sure it is perfectly clear. You can only complete one class daily quest per day. Right now, there is only DragonSlayer. So not really a problem. In the future you will have to choose carefully which class (and class armor/weapon set) you are using your daily quest towards. If you make a habit of doing your one quest a day (and I intentionally asked that it be potty break length) then you will probably be able to keep up with our ongoing class releases. Newer players will have to do a little catch up.

More Daily Quests in Ashfall

Once you finish the main storyline... MORE daily quests will unlock in Ashfall. You can find these on Senna and use the rewards to craft new level 20 gear. (Maybe armor from one of our favorite new villains?) We did mention the level cap was raising, right?

Ashfall Part III is about to launch...

As I write this, the team is in the final testing. We just ran the level 20, 20-player Boss Raid... OMG it is insane!


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