The Order of Dragon Slayers

Artix Krieger | Friday, February 9, 2018

The DragonSlayers are an elite order of dragon hunters

Early next week, you will join the DragonSlayers in their ultimate challenge... entering the dragon infested volcano in "The Dragons of Ashfall: Part III". If you have not played it yet, this weekend is your chance to catch up and be part of the raid when it launches!

Galanoth, leader of the DragonSlayers


Leader of the DragonSlayers
Everyone has heard of the DragonSlayer's iconic and heavily armored leader, Galanoth. He wields the legendary sword, the Dragon Blade. However, no one has ever seen his face*. Stoic and obsessed with eliminating the the threat of dragons, he is a man of a single purpose. Now, Galanoth prepares to lead the DragonSlayers on the ultimate hunt, deep in the heart of Ashfall's volcano. Want to join them?

* That screenshot from the original AdventureQuest does not count. >_<

Talyn the Evil DragonLord


Evil Lord of Dragons
Legend says there are amulets that grant the power to control dragons. Talyn possesses such an amulet. How he got it is a mystery. However, what he intends to do with it has become horrifyingly clear. See, a DragonAmulet does far more than just allow someone to control dragons. Its ultimate ability allows you to bind yourself to a dragon. This bond is for life. It grants both the owner of the amulet, and their dragon, incredible powers and abilities.  Talyn used his amulet to do this once... but his dragon has been slain*. He is clearly seeking a new dragon, but not just any dragon. At the heart of Ashfall's volcano sleeps an Great Dragon. It is MASSIVE. It is SMART. It is... well, best left asleep. Few people in the world have ever laid eyes on a Great Dragon and lived to tell the tale. Galanoth and his second in command, Kord, have. A Great Fire Dragon. The same one Talyn is going to try to awaken and bind himself to in the volcano...

* Conveniently in Ashfall's opening cinematic.

Kord, 2nd in Command of the DragonSlayers


2nd in Command of the DragonSlayers
Kord is strong, loyal, and charismatic commander. He is the glue which keeps the order of DragonSlayers together. He would have to be, because Galanoth can really come off as a dragon obsessed jerk. You could make a strong argument that there would not even be an Order of DragonSlayers without Kord. As new recruits flock to the iconic Galanoth because of his fame and legend-- Kord is the one who finds them a place within the DragonSlayer's ranks. Perhaps you had a similar experience when joining the DragonSlayers? Kord is one of the original members. Why is he so loyal to Galanoth? Well, Galanoth saved him when a Great Fire Dragon destroyed his home town, leaving him orphaned. Kord was just a boy back then-- and despite Galanoth's repeated attempts to shoo him away, Kord refused to leave his side. He became an expert at slaying dragons... and Galanoth's trusted, right hand man.

Senna, Quarter Master of the DragonSlayers


DragonSlayer Quartermaster
Senna is no stranger to a weapon, but her resourcefulness and charm made her a natural at trading with locals for food, supplies, armor and weapons. A Quartermaster's job is to keep the troops equipped for combat. Whatever she cannot buy, she can craft. If she secretly has a thing with Kord, they are doing a pretty freaking good job of keeping it secret.

The life of a Dragonslayer is a tough one... just imagine traveling from lair to lair, rescuing towns and castles, fighting the worlds strangest and deadliest dragons. So whenever possible, Senna tries get her fellow DragonSlayers some delicacies and foods to remind them of their former homes.

Gibbs, the DragonSlayer's Demolitionist


Demolitions "Expert"... and Brother
"I make things go boom!" Gibbs and his sister Essa are both skilled DragonSlayers. Both came to the DragonSlayer Order after, like Kord, a dragon destroyed their town and left them without parents. Since then they have done what they can to support an orphanage for victims of dragon attacks. Normally they are assigned together, but during the Ashfall campaign they were split up. His sister, Essa, was assigned to protect the people of Brimston village*.

*Spoiler Alert: Gibbs will do anything to get his revenge on Talyn the evil Dragonlord.

The hunt is about to begin...

DragonSlayers... the hunt begins next week!

Galanoth is preparing his speech to boost the morale of of the DragonSlayers before entering the volcano, Mount Ashfall. We will fight side by side and emerge victorious, or fall, as one!

Coming Next Week (Finally)

  • Dragon's of Ashfall: Part III Story Finale
  • Fight alongside the cast of DragonSlayers above!
  • DragonSlayer Class - earn through daily quests or buy
  • DragonSlayer Class Armor & Weapons - earned through daily quests
  • Dragon's Lair - Solo (Story Mode)
  • Dragon's Lair Dungeon - up to 3 player (Adventure Mode)
  • Boss Raid - 5 player
  • Boss Raid - 20 Player
  • Name Plates (New Regular, Guardian, Collector's Guardian, Kickstarter)
  • Return of the Ebon Talon armor
  • New craftable items in Dragon's Lair Camp
  • 5 Cinematic Cutscenes (OMG Korin, soooo good!)
  • 14 Dialog Cutscenes
  • Level cap increase to 20!
  • ...and more






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