DreadFool's Labyrinth

Artix Krieger | Friday, May 25, 2018

DreadFool's Labyrinth is OPEN!

Maye you should wear the brown armor. Join us in game for a completely unplanned new mini-adventure featuring special guest, cosplayer/YouTuber guest, D-Piddy!

Kat Katana

The Kat-Katana

10/10 Purrrrrfect! Also, it is level 20... there's new stuff for players of all levels in this release.


You gotta be Jesting!

This villain RUNS. You will have to chase 'em through the Labyrinth... which is filled with traps and monsters. Did we mention traps?



Cosplayer / YouTuber

Fan of D-Piddy's YouTube videos? He is a famous cosplayer & YouTuber. Best known for dressing as a particular superhero who's movie is doing really well in theaters right now. <_< If you have never seen his crazy YouTube videos (one of them has 26 Million views O_O), check them out! He is shrouded in mystery though. D-Piddy always wears a mask. No one knows what looks like in real-life. A mystery that we lovingly continued in-game...

Check out his stuff

Craft Lotsa Stuff

Craft Lotsa New Stuff!

What started out as a 1-day release got a little out of hand...

  • D-Piddy Mask (Quest reward)
  • Kat-Katana (Crafting)
  • Kat-Ka-Tanto (Crafting)
  • DreadFool Hood (Craft / Turn in as quest to perm unlock)
  • DreadFool Armor (Craft / Turn in as quest to perm unlock)
  • DreadFool Shoulder (Craft / Turn in as quest to perm unlock)
  • DreadFool Belt (Craft / Turn in as quest to perm unlock)
  • DreadFool Gloves (Craft / Turn in as quest to perm unlock)
  • DreadFool Belt (Craft / Turn in as quest to perm unlock)
  • DreadFool Arrows (DragonCrystals)
  • Tragic Fool Mask (Craft)
  • Comic Fool Mask (Craft)
  • Fool Minion Armor (Craft)
  • Fool Minion Shoulders (Craft)
  • Fool Minion Boot (Craft)
  • Fool Minion Gloves (Craft)
  • Fool Minion Belt (Craft)
  • Fool Minion Armor (Craft)
  • Mini Fool (travel form, DragonCrystals)
  • Overcompensating! (Really Big Sword, Drop)
  • Ball Head Hammer (Sword, Drop)
  • Chopity Chop (Axe, Drop)
  • Staff of Ha! (Staff, Drop)

An unlockable "free" collection... on us

By doing the quests, you permanently unlock pieces of the DreadFool armor set in a collection. Normally, this is something that costs DCs. But since D-Piddy agreed to be in this release, we wanted to do something nice for everyone. So, every time you turn a piece of crafted armor into D-Piddy, it forever unlocks the item. 

Week #4 Video!

Watch our latest video with Vesper, Cysero, and I. And this time... it is under 31 minutes O_O

Battle on!

...and beware that "EXTRA" trap Llussion added right before we released. (Although it might unlock an exploration achivement & title)

BONUS Story Time!

I met D-Piddy at Anime Impulse a few years ago when he showed up at our booth and murdered RL Dage and I (It was in one of his videos). We got better. Using Spiderman Ice Cream as bait (not making this up) we lured him to our hotel room-- where a group of us hung out all night, telling stories and laughing.

This past Monday, I had posted a video of our production schedule. During the video I said we might have time to pull off a mini-release for this week... something to hold us over until the Dragon's Graveyard releases next week. A lot of players excitedly asked us to do a release of THIS theme. So we, you know, did!

Once I saw Dage's finished art, I knew what we had to do. I called D-Piddy. This was actually last night. (Talk about short notice!) I am in shock that he agreed to it without hesitation-- and very grateful to him for being a part of the release! We wrote the script together with Cysero while D-Piddy was packing to drive up to a convention taking place this weekend in California. Unable to send him images to proof any other way, I started sending him photos through Twitter. In case you saw that and wondered what the heck was going on. Thank you to D-Piddy for being a part of this release. It is a shorty, but a goodie. Hope you love it!


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