DoomWood Music Premier - Interview with Jongaar

Artix Krieger | Tuesday, March 5, 2019

Song Premier of "Dreadmarch" by Jongaar!

Inspired by the battle between Paladins and Necromancers... be the first to hear the new themesong of DoomWood Forest.

Interview with Jongaar, the Real-Life Bard

He's sitting beside me as I type this.... so I thought, "why not interview!?"

Artix: Jongaar... players have been raving about how your music is taking AdventureQuest 3D to the next level. Can you tell us about yourself?

Jongaar: Thank you for... uh.. putting me on the spot like that. You're making me blush. LOL.

Artix: ....

Jongaar: You just typed exactly that I said. LOL

Artix: ....

Jongaar: HAHAHAHA!

Artix: OK... inquiring player minds want to know. What is the story of Jongaar?

Jongaar: I don't even know what the lore is man.

Artix: I mean the real life story.

*He is still laughing. Did not think I was literally typing everything he said.*

Jongaar: I randomly met Artix at a sushi restaurant. I overheard him talking about Crytpocurrency back when it was the big rage. And.. uh.. decided to ask him if he was tading it.

Artix: LOL! I knew nothing... so I lured you and your girlfriend back up to the lab. The place we were eating was just outside.

Jongaar: LOL! Yeah. Our literally response was, "Sure! If you kill us, it is ok, because we have work tomorrow." ...and we became friends, and sent a lot of memes back and forth for months.

Artix: That is actually how we met. But players want to know about your music.......

Jongaar: So, I asked Artix if there was an official theme song for AdventureQuest 3D. And Artix said yes, but no one had heard it yet. Then Artix sent it to me... and I made a heavy metal version of it.

Artix: LOL! ...and then we released that version with the AdventureQuest 3D trailer... no one has heard the actual regular one yet!

Jongaar: After that, you asked me to try my hand at composing a sound track for Death's Lair.

Artix: We are forgetting the glue that caused you to be in the lab.... >_> are we goign to get in trouble for talking about this.

Jongaar: What was the glue?

Artix: It was more like sauce.

Jongaar: Ooooh, haha, yeah. James. "Sauce". I introduced to you guys when playing PubG with Dage. When he started streaming at the lab, I started hanging out more at the lab. Then I brought my keyboard and stuff here. I was in the Artix Entertainment greenscreen room working on Lolosia music. As a result of that, I really bonded with everyone in the lab. Felt like I was doing little quests. Making music and sound FX. My reward was friendship and more opportunity.

Artix: I mean, I paid you too.

Jongaar: Yes, and that is a beautiful thing. When I was a kid I always dreamed of working on video games. Like every other kid. But I am actually doing it now. Writing music is like solving a puzzle. And the reward is tremendous when you put that final piece in.

Artix: The DreadMarch, the new music you wrote for DoomWood is one of my favorite pieces. Can you tell us about your inspiration and the process of creating it?

Jongaar: I'd say that I really wanted to go with that Paladin vs Necromancer vibe. So I crafted the song with dueling phrases. I tried to represent the darkness of a Necromancer on some passages with the light and triumphant.... is that a word? ...of a Paladin. For instrumention, I stuck with a lot of lower stringed instruments. Including harsh cellos & deep basses. To keep it fun, I used a bassoon. It has a kind of woody-like timbre that is hard to describe-- but almost sounds comical. You can find this a lot of music by Grant Kirkhope. He did Banjo Kazooie and all of his sound tracks are really fun and catchy. It gives it a foresty and lighthearted sound which balances out the darkness. For rhythm I took a lot of inspiration from Danny Elfman...

Artix: Army of the Darkness is my FAVORITE MOVIE EVER!!!!!!!!!!!

Jongaar: You can definitely hear the influence. Especially on the higher string parts. Other than that, I really tried to create a song with a lot of dynamics.

Artix: The music stuff is above my head, but I LOVE IT. Thank you for being a part of the AdventureQuest 3D team and helping us in endlessly improving the game.

Jongaar: ...geez man. There I go blushing again. Thanks for giving me the opportunity to compose this music and thank you to all the players for their kind words and support.

You can hear the premier of Dreadmarch by Jongaar on Youtube now before we put it in Game.


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