Drew Dreschel Wins American Ninja Warrior

Glisel | Tuesday, September 17, 2019

He did it! He did it! He did it! Drew Drechsel just won American Ninja Warrior!

Congratulations to the real life ninja Drew Drechsel. earlier today he was handed a 1 million dollar check by Ellen DeGeneres on her show. this was his prize for winning the TV show American Ninja Warrior. This moment comes after seven years of following his dream, overcoming setbacks, and never giving up. This post is dedicated to a hero who has paid the price in sweat, pain, and blood. Who never stopped being kind and humble, and truly earned his title.

If you've been a member of our online community for a long while, then you know that Drew is a friend and an NPC from AdventureQuest Worlds. It is with incredible enthusiasm and admiration that we celebrate his life achievement today.

And what does a champion say when they've won and been handed a check for a million dollars? He said he's going to do it again next year. The real life ninja has the true heart of a champion.

Congratulate him on Twitter! @RealLifeNinja

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