1 vs 1 Duels!

Artix Krieger | Wednesday, June 19, 2019

1 vs 1 PvP is now live! Battle players anywhere in the world.

Town has come alive with players dueling. As you read this, a bar fight is breaking out in Yulgars. It's not perfect... but man is it exciting to watch and do! Come give it a try.

How to Duel

Target a player and click on their nameplate.... there is now an option to duel! Oh, be sure to turn on duel invites in the options. We disabled it by default because... well, you know why X_X

Dueling 101: Get Gud or get Wrecked

Bring potions, food, and buffs... anything goes. Duels are lawless and very dependent on your gear and stats. Read your opponent and choose your class wisely. There are many strategies to win, and many ways to maximize your attack and defense.

Duel with Honor

"Why is everyone suddenly trying to duel me", says the player named Honor.

This first release of PvP dueling is super fun, but there are still a ton of things we need to improve. For example, it turns out spectators can heal... anyone. (Whoops). Please duel (and spectate) with honor and respect.

Keeping Classy!

Many players say the classes Pirate, Ninja, and Mage are currently kings of the battlefield. Well, some players might argue that Necromancer, Paladin, and Rogue are beastly if played correctly too. While we will be making some tweaks, not every class is intended to be for PvP. Experiment with different classes and share your findings with the team.

Hop on an PvP in AdventureQuest 3D!

Dage has been addicted to dueling with players in town and the inn. He REALLY likes PvP. So if you see him in game, go for it. A handful of players can claim they downed him so far. He plays fair with perfectly normal stats and gear.

What's in store for the future of PvP? We have been discussing what you will be able to do in the upcoming area... from area matches, battle royale, and team vs team or faction vs faction battles.

Let us know what PvP features you would like to see in the comments section below. (Co-op focused players, we can plot some new team based features in the next post.) PvP on!



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