Early access! Extended Korn Concert

Artix Krieger | Thursday, September 5, 2019

Encore! Encore! New song coming tomorrow

Tomorrow, the Korn battle concert is being extended with the song, 'Cold', from their upcoming album, 'The Nothing'. But Backstage pass holders can access it right now!

AdventureQuest 3D x Korn

Early Access (right now) for Backstage pass holders

Bought either of the special event packages? Both include a backstage pass. So, you can access the extended version of the battle concert right now.

Korn VIP Special Event Collection

Only 2 weeks left until this special event goes perma rare

Hope you have been enjoying this special event. On September 20th, 2019 the Korn battle concert will end and become perma rare. Which means when it is gone, it is gone forever. This is your very last chance to experience it and get the rare items.

Already bought a Korn Special Event Collection? You will have permanent access to your items and can get them at any time at the bank (Just talk to Hootenhiem)

Korn until September 20th

Extended "Encore" Battle Concert coming tomorrow! (9.6.2019)

Story time....

How do you do an encore in a battle concert? Add a song. How about a freshly released song?

'Cold' is a Korn song from their upcoming album, 'The Nothing'. It is the second song from this album to be released. The full album is not being released until the 13th of this month. 'Cold' is freaking awesome. It is also a pretty explicit song XD. Don't worry, we got the radio edit.

Tomorrow (Friday, Sept 6th), ALL players will be able to hop in the pit and experience the extended Korn battle concert with 'Cold' in both AdventureQuest 3D and AdventureQuest Worlds.



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