Equip Best!

Artix Krieger | Wednesday, March 25, 2020

You can now equip your best gear with one click!

In this weeks new AdventureQuest 3D update, we added a new stat to your items... POWER! It's really helpful. Power is a single number that represents how powerful an sword, armor, or other item is. You're probably going to want to equip all of your most powerful weapons to do the most damage, have the best defense, and the biggest critical hits. So we also added an "EQUIP BEST" button (Pro move Rabblefroth!)

Have you seen the Equip Best button yet?

Go to your inventory, then choose the second tab. That is the one that shows you all of the items you have equipped.

Press the Equip Best button and it will automatically equip all of your most powerful gear.

Invisible Gear at Warlics Shop

But my character does not wear Helmets/Capes/Gloves/etc

No problem! You can get invisible cosmetic items at Warlic's Magic Shop. How does it work? Wear the invisible helm as a cosmetic and it will make it look like you are not wearing a helmet! Same for the other pieces. Except for your body armor. There is no invisible body armor. We do not want to lose that T for Teen rating O_O

Seeing your Power Level

You can see your current power level in the equipped items tab of your inventory. We know. >_> Really weird that it is only there. So we are going to also put it on your character profile and also for other players when you inspect them.

Most Power = Best Item.... is this true 100% of the time!?

Not necessarily. Your items still have all of their original stats. Close examination may lead you to discovering ways to get certain stats way higher. Which means you might be able to get even higher damage with items that have a lower rating.  But for casual players, the new item power stat will let you quickly determine if a new item is better and should be equipped.

Listening to Feedback & Improvements Coming

Thanks for all of the feedback so far. The next version of coming soon-- We already added levels to items that were too high to be used, and also changing the oddly labeled "sword" to the more correct "melee weapon". Also, there is a bug where your average power is lower than it should be. This is because it is factoring in your pet... and all pets currently have a power of 0.... /facepalm. If you see anything else, let us know. We will be releasing another new update with fixes before HeartWood goes live.


Daily Boss Fights now dropping items that are good for you!

Try out the Daily Boss fights. You should find that the item rewards are now good for your level.

Its over 200

There are so many things wrong this this picture.... LOL

First, you can see I literally wrote the design notes while talking in chat. (Which is actually kinda cool) Second, why am I level 50 with an average power of only 207!? XD Third... how do I have more items in my inventory than I have room for?

Who cares.

Hit that equip best button and let us know the answer to the following question...

Equip Best

What's your current Average Power?

Can you beat my score of 207? XD Comment below or tweet me at @ArtixKrieger on Twitter.


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