Essa, the DragonSlayer

Artix Krieger | Friday, April 28, 2017

"To help and protect others... no matter how dangerous"

Essa, is the most caring of the DragonSlayers...  and would do anything to save others from the deadly attacks of Dragons. You have already met Essa's brother, Gibbs (The explosives guy) during the first part of Ashfall.

The Town of Brimston

Why in the world would anyone build a town near a giant dragon-head shaped volcano!? Easy... GOLD. See, the town of Brimston was built near the Magma Mines which are rich in many types of ore-- especially gold. Also, the dragon head was not there when the town was built. The miners and their families have managed to cultivate the ash laden soil to produce crops. Producing food on an unstable volcano is no easy task! There may have been a little magic involved. (NOTE: There is almost always magic involved.) It is hard to say how many families & children live in Brimston... but there is one thing we do know, no one has seen any of them since the dragon's attacked this region.

Essa's Mission & The Orphanage

It was no surprise to anyone who knew her, Essa was the first to volunteer to investigate the town Brimston. She is selfless with an enormous about of heart. As young children, Essa and her brother Gibbs lost their parents in a dragon attack. She pledged to continue with the Dragonslayers until they defeat whatever lurks in the center of that volcano... but one her mission is complete, Essa plans to return to the DragonSlayer Orphanage where she and her brother were raised to help other children who have lost their parents to dragon attacks. She knows what they have been through and it's her dream to help them.

Dragons of Ashfall: Part 2 launches next week!

Dragonslayers, the wait is almost over. Zhoom has requested that we finish testing and have all files checked in Monday in anticipation of a Tuesday release. I threw a little curveball at the team with one more bonus/challenge/#OMGWHATAREYOUDOINGARTIX area for crazy, dark, and slightly evil players only. It seems that one of the mages of the Crimson Circle has gone renegade and has hatched a plan of his own. Assist him at your own peril. Also, Zhoom says the next version of AdventureQuest 3D (1.4.4 or code name "Mr. Jelly Frogzard Pants" because I think we should name them from now on) is looking stable and we will be submitting next week. It includes some fun graphical updates including login screen, name plates, and I think it also includes the "monsters bleed damage numbers" thing which I absolutely love. Basically when you hit a monster it looks like you are wacking the damage out of them.

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