Friday the 13th: Ravenspire - Birth of a Doom Weapon

Glisel | Thursday, October 12, 2023

You’re Invited!

You’re the special guest for Ravenspire’s annual Moon Festival. The town is making preparations for the big tournament but strange portals and mysterious people have been popping up around town. Perhaps the local Chronomancer can help you put things right in the nick of time!

Welcome to Ravenspire!

The Duchess of Ravenspire has invited you as the honored guest at the annual Ravenspire Moon Festival. People have flocked from all over to celebrate and compete in the big tournament. The town has been through hard times lately, so they are really looking forward to this event. However, strange portals have been popping up around town making the residents nervous. Will you make things right and help them make this the best Moon Festival yet?

Talk to Nevermore in Battleon to get started, and when she returns to Ravenspire in a few weeks, you can always return to finish your quests through the House of Oddities - where all Friday the 13th stories live - or go to the Side Stories in the Adventure Menu.

Complete the story to earn the title “Savior of Ravenspire” and unlock Bonus Content!

Sirius, the Chronomancer

Sirius is the first resident of Ravenspire to welcome you. Chronomancers have the ability to travel through time. He knows just how great you are, and how dark the future can be… He expects great things from you! But be careful. Trying to alter time too much can be dangerous.

Birth of a Doom Weapon?!

A Mysterious Strangers seems intent on creating this Doom Weapon in Ravenspire… and that YOU are the one meant to wield it. When the moon rises and the barrier between the planes of darkness and light is weakest, only then is when a Doom Weapon can be created. This is a once in a lifetime chance. Can you prevent the Mysterious Stranger from summoning whatever forces are needed to create such a powerful and evil weapon? What will you do if he succeeds? The fate of this Doom Weapon, and the world, is in your hands.

If you choose to wield this weapon and empower it with the blood of your enemies, you will gain great power but at great cost.

Learn about the history of Doom Weapons in Artix Entertainment in Beleen’s post.

Need More Friday the 13th?

If you would like more Friday the 13th content, head to the House of Oddities in Battleon to play more stories rife with terror and suspense. You can travel into the Odd Snow Globe for an unforgettable night at a cabin in the woods, teleport to a different dimension using the Transdimensional Crystal to encounter a friend’s worse half trapped inside, or go back in time with famed Aurelio Voltaire to learn how about his daring daring adventure with pirates on Skullpunch Island.

For something a little different, Dottie, the High ArchCounselor of Camp Gonnagetcha is in town for a few weeks for those who want to face their fears against the camp legend Shrade. This stalking horror comes in many forms and terrorizes the camp by night. Save the camp or, at least, save yourself.

Things are Changing at Camp Gonnagetcha

  • Camp Craft Badges are now Tokens. We’ve increased the droprate of these tokens from all mobs.
  • Camp Badges and quests to turn in Camp Badges at Zip and Ace have been removed.
  • Camp Uniform crafting shops have been consolidated into a single shop where items can be purchased with Camp Craft Badges.

Read the rest of the patch notes here!

Ready for Mogloween?

The barrier between Lore and Mystcroft is open once again for Mogloween. Say hello to our spooky friends from Mystcroft if you see them around town. Myx the Cauldron is on the bridge to show you into town and present to you the previous years’ Mogloween Collections. There is plenty to see and do in Mystcroft. What tricks and treats will you encounter this Mogloween season?

Last Chance

Talk Like a Pirate Day 2023 Collection and Captain Crisp have left.

  • Taco Day is leaving around October 18th, 2023
  • Nevermore leaves Battleon around November 8th, but you can return to Ravenspire year round.

Thank you and… Next!

Get ready to dress for distress when we reveal this year’s Mogloween Collection!

See you in game and…
Battle On!

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