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Artix Krieger | Thursday, March 16, 2017

Happy St. Patty's Day!

Did you wear green today? Cysero always wears green. Me? Well... have you ever seen my closet? When I took a sick day in High School the other students used to joke that I got sucked into the black hole that is my closet. That is, nearly everything I own is black. (Except Paladin, Goku Kame house logo, and & Superman logo shirt) Needless to say I was pinched and punched all day long. Eventually the bruises turn greenish and that sorta counts-- right?

3D Pen... "Pinnaple Apple 3D Pen"

A pretty long time ago I backed a 3D pen on Kickstarter. It finally arrived! So during lunch we played with it. It is basically a manual 3D printer.

Meanwhile, on the AdventureQuest 3D Dev Server

The upcoming 1.4 version of the game which features parties, cosmetic equips, improved combat, and much more is in heavy testing. They also gave the devs a few new fun commands... like the ability to summon monsters at will. (Now we can leave "presents" for each other Battleon.... "Hey! I heard you like Frogzards!") The Ashfall Part II maps are in place. Cysero finished up the quests today, and the monsters are almost done, so next week we will be doing final assembly. Korin sent in mockups of the animated cutscenes-- our goal is to do two. We had to choose between the "wow, that is awesome" one and the "wow that is awesome and OMG WHY SO BRUTAL! YOU ARE GOING TO MAKE PEOPLE CRY" one. I am torn.

BattleGems Update - Last chance for DragonKnight

BattleGems! Last chance for Founder on Apple iOS

At looooooooong last, the new version of BattleGems will be going live on Apple phones and tablets on Monday. So this weekend is your final chance to upgrade and get founder and the exclusive armor that comes with it-- both in BattleGems and AQWorlds. (If you already upgraded, then congratulations-- you will automatically get the new weapon & armor set too!)

What is BattleGems?

BattleGems is our first ever mobile game. Based on our original and unique (at the time) puzzle battle system game, PvP (Which I am slightly embarrassed to admit stood for Pony vs Pony) If you have not tried it yet, grab a copy for free on the Apple or Android app store. It was featured on the Apple App store and... well, you could watch the BattleGems trailer :D

New Artix website gets an update!

We stealth rolled out a new website design this week. Please let us know what you think! The first thing you will notice is it is a lot simpler and cleaner than our standard designs. The design uses as few words as possible and as much pretty pretty, shiny graphics. The site itself is centered around articles. Which makes sense. Statistics are showing that less and less people go to homepages-- in this mobile age, more and more people are seeing articles posted on social media and clicking through. I took heavy inspiration from Danny Choo. There are only two designs which really work for us... the AQ3D style and this new one. This seemed the right place to try out and iterate on the ultra clean version.

New Dage Shirts

Coming to HeroMart - Undead Legion Shirts

How come the evil guys get all the cool logos!? Coming to next week.

A Design Notes a Day (Sorta!)

Thank you to the 8 of you who reminded me to write this week! This flurry of 5 design notes posts from yesterday and today is dedicated to you. My goal is to get back to my ritual of writing design notes at the start of every day at the lab. I tried to do it this week... but got overwhelmed. It brought me great joy to see messages from you reminding me to write. That is why I stayed up until 1:30am last night writing them... and tonight, on Friday, I am up until 2am doing it. Guess I could have done ultra simple ones that just had a picture and one paragraph of text-- but, much love to you guys! In the marathon race of life it is OK to slow down and fall behind... but NEVER GIVE UP and keep going until you ultimately and certainly reach the finish line.


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