Cysero | Tuesday, August 21, 2018


These two new Dragon travel Forms will be coming to Gaz's Black Market this Friday! The Earth Dragon (1900 DC) and the Heavy Earth Dragon (4500 DC) will be replacing the Red Dragon and Armored Red Dragon currently in the shop.

And they will be flying faster!


AQ3D New Dragons

Right now the fastest travel forms in the game move 30% faster than normal run speed but both of these new travel forms will be getting a hefty speed boost traveling at 160% of base speed!

For a long time the AQ3D Dev team has thought that the travel forms needed to go faster. True, you can tell that you're moving faster when doing a parkour or sliding past someone on foot but it just never FELT like it. It needed to be faster to be more fun.

We have been playing with speeds and 160% feels noticeably faster than running while pushing the cap on lower end device refresh rates (sometimes causing faster things to seem jerky or cause them to rubber-band around). It will also probably cause some issues in certain maps that will need to be fixed.


We want to give you some time to try out the speed on these two new travel forms so you can give us some feedback.

If you like the new, increased speed then we will eventually bump (nearly) every travel form up by 30% (130% travel forms will move at 160%, 120% at 150%, Bushes will not go any faster).


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