Fever Design Notes 2019

Artix Krieger | Monday, December 9, 2019


Yup. This is gonna be one of THOSE design notes!

Greetings and salutations friends. I missed you. While the team has been focused making progress on our upcoming features and releases including tomorrow's brand new Friday the 13th (Featuring a new villain!) release...

I have been in the depths of He..... *achooo!*

Nausea and Vomiting? Sure. But I did not even know the human body was capable of doing them at the same time. Until now.  O_O

It started last Wednesday. I woke up with an awesome Batman voice. The rest of the symptoms... not as awesome. I caught the motherlode. Was not alone. My waifu was sporting a 104+ fever too. This will long be remembered in my family's history as the day we could not distinguish the hallucinated baby Yodas from our actual children. I mean.. once we realized the real ones were not hovering around in chairs we could, but like all new adventures this was a learning curve. Never experienced two sick parents with three very young, active, sword & parkour trained kids before. But it gets worse....

Zombie-Flu Apocalypse

So, my 1 year old Kai Krieger (yup, real name) ends up getting sick. My Mother comes over to help manage the chaos. Kai does his best exorcist impression on her. So naturally, now my Mother is sick too.

It is reaaaaaaaallly weird not using a computer for a few days in a row. Normally when I suddenly go quiet it means I am working on something really hard. This time... I was just unconscious. 

Now, everyone at my home is battle-ready (well, battle-ready enough :)

It is good to be back at the Lab.

You think it's over, but it'SNOT

There is a long tradition which is clearly stated in Article 5, Section 2.3 that, "The amount of problems that pile up when you are sick will immediately make you wish you had never gotten better.. Mwahahahahaha!"  We do not exactly put a lot of buffer for being "down and out" in our schedule. But this is one of those universal constants that people who create things need to push though.


(Different kind of pushing)

Talking about that... one of our team members is about to have a baby.

Yes, a real baby. Well, their wife is.

So keep up the positive vibes.

Friday the 13th

The weirdest part of our new release schedule is that we now release Friday the 13ths on Tuesdays.

For obvious reasons I have not seen the finished version of tomorrow's release yet. So I am really looking forward to playing this new challenge along side of you. I wonder if it has anything to do with the really weird dreams I had?

Maybe I should tell you about my dream? ... More of a nightmare.

I dunno.

Guess we can play the release together tomorrow and find out.

Question! How are you doing in real life?


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