Fiend Hunter's Honor

Glisel | Thursday, August 11, 2022

Paladin Everette Sunguard

Head to Seleden Forest and take the crossroads toward town to meet Paladin Everette Sunguard. This late-comer hopes to eradicate the corruption in the forest with your help by slaying the fiendish monsters.

Complete the Part 1 storyline to unlock the “Fiend Hunting Quest”. You will earn Fiend Hunter’s Honor tokens for completing each step of the quest. Earn extra tokens after you complete the main quest with four additional daily quests.

Fiend Hunter Paladin

Turn in your Fiend Hunter’s Honor tokens to the Fiend Hunter Paladin shop to buy pieces of the armor set. Enhance the gloves, shoulder, and hood in the Fiend Hunter Paladin Upgrades shop to create glowing “Sun-Touched” items.

Seleden Monster Hunter Leaderboard

Looking for glory in addition to honor? Each monster kill you get in Seleden Forest will be tracked on the new Seleden Monster Hunter Leaderboard. Each monster is worth a different amount of points and can make the difference between the 1st and 2nd place.

NEW PvP Skills and Reward

Earn the Legion Gravendoor Flame Blades with Marks of Glory in the Siege of Souls Rewards shop.

New PvP Skills

  • Fester
    Reduce incoming healing and deal damage over time
  • Rush
    Create an area in front of caster that speeds up allies
  • Mend
    Heal the lowest health ally nearby

August Promo Item

Songs have been written about the great beasts of Gravendoor. Their bones are revered and are often adorned on only the best of weapons and items.

The Skulls of Gravendoor Flame Daggers is included with all packages from the Upgrade Shop, including Guardian and Lore Strider. Guardian packages also give an alternate version in purple, called the "Skulls of Gravendoor Dark Flame Daggers”, which also includes fire effects. Check your weapon inventory on your next login after purchase.

Last Chance

DragonCrystal Bonus Sale ended on August 10th. Keep an eye on the Design Notes posts and social media for when it returns.

  • The Take on Darkon event leaves the Social District September 7th.
  • The 2022 Summer Collection leaves September 14th.

Thank you and… Next!

Soon you’ll be able to run around Battleon (and any other map) as man’s best friend. Dog travel forms are coming to AQ3D!

See you in game...
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