Fight to the Undeath!

Artix Krieger | Wednesday, April 3, 2019

"Bring on yer' dead!"

Did you ever want to summon undead and fight them? We have been experimenting with a way to do just that as a part of the Tower of Necromancy. Originally, we were just going to surprise you with this. But would love your feedback. It will be part of the tower's story. The idea is there is a pit with undead monsters in it. To defeat them, you unlock spells from the Necronomicon. You will have to gather reagents and summon the best minion to win. It is not possible for you personally to enter or fight in the pit, so your minion has to be strong enough to fight... and win.

The blue summoning circle is yours. The book in the screenshot is a placeholder. I got to try this out for the first time today, and it is pretty fun. I really like what Yergen did with the green glowy bits of the Tower.

For this to work properly, the duels would need to be a single player experience. I think it might be possible to create an open-ended multi-player experience where players could choose a side to summon monsters for. I wonder how you could get awards for winning? Since the monsters would perish on the arena floor, and you are not able to get down there, there would be no easy way to get loot. I guess we could use a quest reward?: win X battles and turn in a quest that has a prize.

As a single player experience in the story, it should work alright. If there were multiple players in the pit, they might accidentally complete your quests for you. I mean, if you wanted to sneak a friend in and complete your quests at the same time-- there is nothing wrong with that.

QUESTION: What order do you think we should summon the undead in? What do you feel our weakest to strongest order should be?

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