New Daily Boss Challenge Fight... Fire Braken!

Artix Krieger | Friday, April 12, 2019

The Fire Braken

We have a burning secret to tell you... login this weekend to face the new daily boss challenge fight: The Fire Braken.

If you would lava some new sword and helm rewards and think that new boss battles are lit, you're in luck! We've added the Fire Braken challenge to our rotation of daily boss challenge fights!


Alexander hates fire

Who's this guy? ...players of our previous games are speculating.

New Battleon

Something to do while we work on the larger releases

We are currently working on New Battleon, the Tower of Necromancy, and the main world storyline which includes Vane's companions. Yesterday, Cysero tweeted a video running around the town square of New Battleon. It consists of four separate districts (town square, scholar district, social district and trade district) it also has the Guardian Tower, PvP Colosseum, Cemetery, the Teleporter Crystal Gate and... all the shops. You can see our progress on AdventureQuest 3D's official Game Plan. The new world story, with the villain Vane, will be told through this new town.

Fire Braken all weekend!

We've hacked our own servers so that the new Fire Braken will be the daily boss fight for you all weekend! Also, be sure to join in this weekend's #ScreenshotSaturday. Since last week's theme was villains... this week we're going with "Good guys!" Take a screenshot of your heroic character and tweet it to me for a chance at scoring one of 5 Warlords chests. Don't forget about that new selfie cam feature-- especially for mobile. See the official Screenshot Saturday #14 post for details.

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