Cysero | Thursday, September 27, 2018


Lolosia continues to grow as today we begin testing out our basic Fishing functionality! We are also adding three new adventures on the Red Betty giving you more options for farming crafting materials and a High level Clawgumrai fight!


Fishing Catch AQ3D

Today we will be introducing Fishing to AQ3D! This is just an early version of the functionality so it's very limited but we plan on expanding it heavily.

Fishing is pretty easy. Talk to Faith on the Lolosia Docks, purchase a fishing pole for gold and equip in into your weapon slot. Once you do this, the water off the Lolosia Docks will come to life with little splashing areas. Simply tap or click the splashing areas and wait to see if the fish are biting!

Complete Faith's Fishing Rank quests to rank up and unlock better fishing poles to buy. Better poles allow you to catch new types of high quality fish, which allow you to complete higher rank quests.

  1. The COMMON pole lets you catch COMMON fish. There 4 COMMON fish.
  2. The UNCOMMON pole lets you catch COMMON and UNCOMMON fish. There are 3 UNCOMMON fish.

  3. The SPECIAL poles lets you catch COMMON, UNCOMMON and SPECIAL fish.There is 1 SPECIAL fish.

Fish have a pretty decent gold sell back and you can catch a ton of them pretty fast. Higher tier fish sell for more so some of you might suddenly find yourselves sitting on a pile of gold. Since we are in the early phases of Fishing, the rank requirements, gold prices and anything else might change at the drop of a hat.

People who purchased the Summer Collection 2018 or the Beachside Fishing Pole from the Summer 2018 Collection CAN use their fishing pole to fish. It's been changed from a cosmetic to a SPECIAL tier fishing pole, meaning it can catch all 8 current fish. We didn't HAVE to do this but we figure that if you already spent the money of what you assumed would just be a cosmetic, might as well let you fish with it.

Right now Fishing Ranks only go to 8, but if you can reach level 8 you will get a special title and character page badge!

Remember to be fast! Only one person can use a fishing spot at a time. If you try to use a spot that's already been claimed by another angler, you will get the "Fishing... Failed" notification.


AQ3D Broken Fish Run

This is still early in development of this functionality so there are number of known issues:

  • You can fish in Travel Form.
  • You cannot fish while sitting.
  • During your Victory or Defeat emotes after catching or missing a fish, you can walk around making it appear that you are gliding along the dock.
  • If you run away from your fishing spot while the timer bar is still active, your arms get frozen in mid-cast until you perform another animated action such as activating a travel form or attacking an enemy (See gif above).
  • If you try to use a spot that's already been claimed by another angler, you will get the Fishing... Failed notification. Feature or bug... you decide.
  • You cannot currently fish while using Pirate Class... in Lolosia... the Pirate Town.
  • I'm sure there's some that I'm forgetting. Please report all bugs to using the REPORT BUG feature in the game's menu.
  • Please DO NOT report not catching the fish you need as a bug. They're all there. We checked. You're jot having a streak of bad luck.


AQ3D Cysero and Faith

We have SO many ideas to expand fishing so this really is just the beginning.

Of course we will add more Fishing Ranks and tons more fish and poles to the game, but we are also considering letting you bring fish to a chef to prepare you a consumable buff (or maybe let you cook it yourself if we ever add a cooking skill or as an ingredient in crafting your own potions in an alchemy type skill)!, we have the ability to fish out rare weapons or consumable items to start rare side quest-chains, call world events, summon monsters, play cutscenes and even take you to new maps based on fishing.

We also want to develop the interface a bit more and make it a bit more visual. We're trying to think of an economical way to show you the fish you caught when you catch it. We would like to add fishing spots all over the existing game and to any new areas that we can find an excuse to put some water in. We might be able to add gear or consumables that increase your chances of catching rare fish.

Some of these things may happen and others might not but we're designing Fishing in a very forward-looking way that will hopefully make any or all of them possible.


AQ3D Clawgmurai

The Clawgmurai is the leader of the ninja invasion force on Alpha Pirate Island. We introduced him as a monster last week and this week are are adding a high level challenge area (level 19+) that will allow you to farm tokens to craft this full set. Speak to Requin, the crazy shark lady, on Lolosia Beach to craft the set. Requin also has a daily quest to give you a TON of crafting materials once per day.


AQ3D mega Don

We will also be introducing three new excursions set aboard the Red Betty!

prepare to repel all boarders as the ship comes under attack from undead pirates, Deeplings, the Braken and even Mega Don... the shark who Captain W. Peckard defeated with a single punch in his famous battle (but he's had some time to upgrade himself).

There's a lot more to do in Lolosia so enjoy this week's release and keep reading the Design Notes for more upcoming release news!


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