Fishing is coming soon!

Artix Krieger | Thursday, September 3, 2020

Fishing for news about AdventureQuest 3D's upcoming new trade skill system?

We are getting super close to releasing the new fishing system. It is far more fun and rewarding than the old system, and will span our world. Fishing will also be the very first trade skill. We are aiming to begin testing this week. Read on for more.


Fishing 101

The new fishing is crazy fun. When it goes live, all you need to do is buy a fishing pole for a few gold. Then you will be able to click on fishing spots to start fishing. The mini-game challenges you to hook the fish. Catching fish can increase your fishing skill. Raising your skill higher will give you access to better poles, quests, rewards, and more challenging places to go fishing.

Fishing Poles in AdventureQuest 3D MMORPG

Rods & Reels

The artists went all out on the fishing rods! Some are themed after the zones where you are likely to get them. Each rod has a "fishing power." This will give you an edge as you fish in more challenging areas. Rods with high stats are essential to becoming a expert fisher-hero.

Trade Skills

Trade Skills

The upcoming release is not just for fishing... it is a new system which will allow us to add mining, lumber-jacking, cooking, and countless other trade skills to the game. Each trade skill will allow you to harvest or create things (like fish) which can then be used to build other new things (like consumables, armor, houses, guild castles, etc). Items that you harvest with a tradeskill go into a separate tab, so they will not eat up any of your previous inventory space.

In our upcoming first release, you will be able to take your Fishing level up to 50. Then we will likely increase the cap by 5-ish each time we add a major new area with water and new fish.

Note: I left mining on the screenshot for you, but you will not see that until the NEXT trade skill release XD

Fishing locations in AdventureQuest 3D

Fishing Locations across the World

In the upcoming first release, you will find fishing spots appearing across the game. Higher level areas will have higher level fish. So you should train up your skill in the earlier areas. The lowest level fishing will be right when you enter town. This is also where you will meet our fishing trainer, Faith.

Note: In order to add the water and fishing spots, Dagger had to surgically redo the geometry of a lot of maps. As a bonus, when this goes live, you may be able to walk to some places that you could not before. More maps will be updated to include fishing as we have time to add them.

Faith the Fishing Trainer

Faith the Fishing Trainer

This story-line just went full circle! In our very first ever Artix Entertainment calendar, Faith made her debut as the fishing NPC. Then, in AQworlds she shifted towards being a beast master. All of the animals at the secret underground lab know Faith is the best. Then... in AdventureQuest 3D, she was originally the multi-class trainer. But with the upcoming fishing release, Faith returns to her original passion of taking us all fishing. On a personal note, I have never actually gone on one of Faith & Dage's legendary fishing adventures in real-life... maybe if they could create some poles like the ones we will be using in game? XD

Fishing is getting ready for testing on the PTR testing server as I write this. It should be up by Friday night.... making the live release as soon as we fix all of the issues found in testing.


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