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Artix Krieger | Monday, February 4, 2019

Want to join us behind the scenes as we make games at AE's Secret Underground Lab?

Hey! I'm @Artix now on instagram. Follow me to see behind-the-scenes stuff from the lab.

Follow @Artix on Instagram

An anything goes Instagram for Artix Entertainment craziness

Yup. Vesper will be posting on the @Artix Instagram too.

I am officially inviting you to join me on Instagram. I have been posting daily design notes here, but if you want to slip behind the curtain and come with us in the back stage, we would love to have you. On the @Artix instagram, I will be posting game dev life... it will be less professional (like that is even possible) than our "formal" game-related design notes.

Also, been reading your scripts and watching your videos from yesterday's "Write a Commercial" post. OMG you guys are amazing! I am literally, completely blown away by your creativity. We are going to pick winners on Wednesday-- but who else would be interested in a follow up contest for actually making some of these commercials? (Which some players have already done O_O.) Also, I believe the current Screenshot Saturday has produced the best screenshots yet! Anyone mind if we up your exposure and use some on our app store listing? (Yup. I want to credit you on the app store listing... why not?) Feels like a game that loves its community. Oh-- nearly forgot. Thyton's map is up next. Also, Cysero broke the rules and tweeted a picture of the "Kingdom of Battleon" in progress on Llusions screen if you want a sneak peek.

Come follow the @Artix Instagram. I put up a few of my favorite pics from the past as I was writing this... but starting tomorrow, going to drop the curtain and let you can experience what a day at Artix Entertainment is truly like.


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